Sibling disappointed with sentence handed down in brother’s death

Joshlyn Rolle

Joshlyn Rolle, younger brother of Ascot Deno Rolle, who was tragically shot to death in Bimini 10 years ago by former police officer Aubrey Carlston Darling – yesterday expressed his disappointment in the sentence handed down to Darling.

In February of this year, a jury found Darling guilty of manslaughter. Thursday (July 13) morning Justice Estelle Gray-Evans sentenced Darling to 10 years at The Bahamas Department of Corrections for Rolle’s death.

Rolle, who was shot at a nightclub in Bimini back in December 2007, sparked a riot on that island, which resulted in law enforcement equipment and property being damaged.

Yesterday the deceased sibling spoke to this daily following the sentencing hearing in the Supreme Court.

Rolle, who appeared visibly upset maintained, “I feel that the judge should have been a little more ... the pathologist disclosed that my brother died from a gunshot wound that entered the back of his head and blew out his right eye. I feel that she was unfair, because they continued to allow the defence attorney to say that he had this knife, but no knife ever showed up in court, to prove that there was a knife.

“I feel that it was poor. Just imagine, 10 years, I have two parents and they have been struggling since it happened – three days before Christmas – until today. I feel that it is unfair. I can say one thing, it is over and it is now behind me. I did not hear the results that I wanted nor expected, but I think God will have the last say.”

Questioned how his parents are doing, 10 years after the loss of their son he said, “Both of my parents are still alive and both of them, in 10 years, they would have aged more like 20 years, simply after this happened. When they would have had faith in the judicial system of this country, now they can see that there is no justice.”

With his brother being shot just three days before Christmas, Rolle said, “I do not want to cast any aspersion on anyone; however, the normal thing is, everyone is happy that they got through the year, so they celebrate before Christmas and the police officer took his life.

“He was on a 10-year vacation and now he goes to jail for 10 years. By the way it goes he might serve five; I really feel it is unfair, but like I said initially, God will have the last say,” maintained Rolle.

Questioned on what he expected the sentence to be, Rolle responded, “When they started to bounce around 15 years, at least, that would have made me feel ...

“This happened 10 years ago, to be honest it feels like it happened last night to me. Believe me when I tell you, if it wasn’t for me pushing this case, it would not have gotten as far as it got. I worked assiduously along with the Attorney General’s office in Grand Bahama and New Providence, trying to get this case heard,” Rolle alleged.

“I spent hundreds of dollars on phone calls left, right and center, trying to get this case to the courts, but I honestly do not feel that we received justice.”

Rolle said that his brother left a daughter and granddaughter and it is his belief that when sentences are being handed down those in authority should look at both sides.

“It is unfair to look at it him as being an upright police officer … the people that were on the scene testified and she said it, that at the time of the shooting, my brother was without any weapon, but he (Darling) continued to be persistent.

“My brother was killed at the age of 43, two days before Christmas.”

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