A serious ‘look’ at education

JEFFREY LLOYD Minister of Education

Minister of Education, Science and Technology Jeffery Lloyd discussed plans to improve the tertiary education scholarship process throughout The Bahamas.

Atop the list of improvements to be made involves streamlining the education model of the country, revealed Minister Lloyd, who looks forward to providing greater access and opportunity for persons pursuing higher levels of tertiary education to receive financial assistance.

Acknowledging the fact that serious deficits exist, Minister Lloyd stated, “This year, approximately 4,000 applicants sought positions of 250 scholarships, which shows the need we have in the Bahamian society for tertiary education.

“Definitely, we are going to have to find more money to assist more of our Bahamian students and not just those who are getting their first degree, which tends to be an Associates or Bachelors but also individuals, who are seeking to earn their Masters and/or PhDs too.”

Cognizant of the fact that the world is ever-changing specifically as it concerns technical and vocational education, Minister Lloyd noted focus must be placed on transforming the negative perception held by the general public as it regards the pursuit of tertiary education in such fields like plumbing, electrical, carpentry and joinery, auto mechanics, waste collection and management, agriculture and fisheries as well as landscaping.

For far too long Minister Lloyd noted these career fields have been viewed as those for the academically challenged however, he is determined not only to challenge the mass misconceptions associated with technical and vocational education, but also enlighten the public to why each one is crucial to the progressive development of The Bahamas at large.

“We also have to focus our attention on technical and vocational education and to bring that esteem to a level of respect in our society.

“Technical and Vocational Studies is not for the “dumb” or those who cannot perform academically as “we” say, as I fervently believe there is genius in every vocation.

“Certainly there are people who are interested in becoming carpenters, plumbers, electricians or wish to pursue a career in waste collection and management as well as other fields that may seem menial but are needed, necessary and should receive respect and support.

“Without persons pursuing careers or working in the aforementioned technical and vocational fields; our society would not grow or thrive,” declared Minister Lloyd.

With Prime Minister of the Commonwealth of The Bahamas the Right Honorable Dr. Hubert A. Minnis keen pursuit of branding Grand Bahama as the Tech Hub of The Bahamas, veterans educators applaud the diligence of Minister Lloyd to ensure necessary preparations begin in education to capitalize on the goal of the nation’s chief, who is expected to host the first-ever GB Tech Summit with leading local and international technology companies, which will expose entrepreneurs in that sector to the global market, as well as shine a spotlight on the fact that respect must be elevated in the technical, vocational and artistic fields.

According to Minister Lloyd, “Additionally, there are others who are interested in music and the arts hence they too should be facilitated by the educational establishment to pursue their education, dreams and ambitions furthermore, I believe that is a fundamental responsibility and obligation of the Bahamian government to such.”

Cognizant that every society where there is a progressive educational establishment it is incumbent upon the government as well as its people to do its best to advance for the betterment of all, Minister Lloyd revealed more will be announced as strategic strides are made through planning to ensure all is in place from an educational standpoint to help everyone thrive no matter the academic pursuit that would assist in the enhancement of The Bahamas in various aspects be it academic, technical, vocational and/or artistically.

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