Search on for missing men

Kevin Aldrovendi Bethel (left) and Emmanuel Sandokan Miller (right)

Police in Grand Bahama need the public’s assistance in locating two males who were recently reported missing.

Assistant Superintendent of Police and Public Affairs and Communication Officer (PACO), Terecita Pinder reported that both men went missing on the same date and time.

The first missing person, Emmanuel Sandokan Miller aka “Pitty,” 39, of #8B Cadney Drive, Freeport is described as standing between 5'5''- 5'6'' in height, weighing 270lb. with light brown complexion.
He was last seen on Thursday, August 3, 2017 sometime around 3:00 p.m. on Midshipman Road.

According to reports, Miller frequents the areas of Garden Villas and Weddell Avenue. The second missing person, Kevin Aldrovendi Bethel, 34, of #6 Coral Reef Loop, Freeport, is described as standing at 5'9'', weighing between 150-170 lbs. and is of light brown complexion.

According to police, Bethel has a tattoo of a Jaguar on his left arm.

He too was last seen on Thursday, August 3, 2017 sometime around 3:00 p.m. on Midshipman Road.
Bethel is said to also frequent the areas of Garden Villas and Weddell Avenue.

Police are asking anyone who knows of their whereabouts or have any information regarding the two missing men, please contact the Central Detective Unit at telephone numbers 350-3107 thru12, 911/919 or call your nearest police station.

Meanwhile, in unrelated crime news a video of wanted man, Michael Stapleton, surfaced on various social media platforms this week, where he professed his innocence after being accused of stealing by reason of service.

Police issued wanted posters for Stapleton and Johnathan Matthew Smith on Wednesday, August 9; both men are wanted by Central Detective Unit (CDU) in connection with stealing by reason of service. After the information went public, Stapleton took to social media in an attempt to defend himself.

“Today I heard that I was wanted in The Bahamas for stealing, which is a surprise to me because I am not known to steal from anybody,” he said.

Stapleton claimed that a young woman purchased a vehicle from him and told the police that she purchased the car two months ago.

He maintained that he was going to post a receipt that shows he bought the car on July 10, about 48 hours after she gave him the money for the vehicle.

Stapleton alleged that when this situation came about he was out of the country and he still is; however, he has been in contact with the police and provided them with the appropriate documents.

He stated that he has been having issues with the RBPF for some time now and want people to know about it.

“If I have provided documentation that proves that I did not steal the people’s money why would you go and put me on national TV out of spite that says that I stole someone’s money,” he said.

“Everybody that knows me today, Michael Stapleton I never ever steal from nobody,” he claimed.

Police in Grand Bahama initially sought out the public’s assistance in locating Stapleton, 42, of #92 Gambier Drive for questioning in the matter.

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