Scouts Association of The Bahamas is what the country needs, says Grant

NEKO GRANT, Former Cabinet Minister

More organizations such as the Scouts Association and Reginald Dean, District Scout Commissioner, Grand Bahama are needed throughout local communities and by extension the entire country, said former Cabinet Minister and Member of Parliament, Neko Grant.

The veteran politician was bringing remarks at the Recognition Banquet in honour of Dean, which was hosted by The Scout Association of The Bahamas on Friday, February 22, at the Pelican Bay Resort.

“For 105 years, the Scout Association has been impacting and honing young men into productive citizens, while encouraging a spirit of brotherly love, training and mentoring young men in many instances where there is no male influence in the home. The Scout Association’s presence is felt in schools, churches and in communities,” Grant added.

“Their ministries and contributions are evident not only here in The Bahamas, but worldwide. It is an outstanding organization that is dedicated to promoting solid foundations with a view of volunteering, being actively involved in their community, making a tangible difference.

“In 2011, the then leader of the Grand Bahama Scouts, Clayton Curtis, noticed these attributes and invited Reg to assist with the 5th Troop at Christ the King, Grand Bahama.

“Recognizing the importance of character building and youth development Reg answered the Clarion Call.

This was just the beginning of his love and enthusiasm for others, particularly mentoring young men, led him to pursue a general information course on scouting. Three years later he was invited to Nassau for the 100th year Anniversary of the Scout Association of The Bahamas,” revealed Grant.

He added that following a visit to Grand Bahama by Chief Scout Alex Gibson; Chief Commissioner Brian Christie and Training Commissioner Joseph Pickering resulted in Dean being offered District Commissioner.

“One of his many accomplishments with the Scout Association of The Bahamas was successfully earning the Wood Badge, the highest level of adult scout training available internationally,” Grant disclosed.

Dean was presented with the Wood Badge during the recognition banquet held in his honour.

Grant also informed that Dean is now in the process of forming a marching band. He reopened the first Grand Bahama Troop at St. Stephen’s in Eight Mile Rock, the 2nd Troop at St. Mary Magdalene in West End, the 4th Troop at St. Paul’s College Freeport, the 9th Troop at Walter Parker School, Freeport and formed a new Troop, the 26th at Central Baptist Church, Eight Mile Rock. He is now actively involved with several churches with a view of establishing additional Troops.

In conclusion Grant, referred to Dean as his son, expressing, “To Reg, my son, ‘Mad Max,’ as my wife and I affectionately call him, you belong in the league of champions. Your achievements are no surprise to me. You have dedicated your time and have displayed your care and concern for our youth.

“You have worked tirelessly since becoming involved in scouting and you are most deserving of the recognition being bestowed upon you. Son, I salute you with great pride and leave these words from Aristotle, the great philosopher, ‘We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then is not an act, but a habit,” said Grant.

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