ROYO president calling on leaders to come together in fight against crime

Dudley Seide, ROYO, President

Reach Out Youth Organization (ROYO) president, Dudley Seide, is speaking out regarding the recent murders on the island, which claimed the lives of three young men.

During a press conference at the ROYO Community Center on Monday (January 8) Seide said, “We in Grand Bahama do not want to get like Nassau, with murders and crime.”

He disclosed that ROYO will be putting a team together, along with youth leaders and pastors on the island to reach out to young people.

“We will be meeting next week Tuesday at the Reach Out Community Center,” he added.
Seide noted that the enemy is after the young men and it is the responsibility of men of God and youth leaders to get out there and intervene, try to change the mindset, pray with, pray for and minister to the young men.

“We are asking all youth leaders, youth pastors, all persons concerned about our young people and the recent murders here in Grand Bahama to come out to the Community Center next Tuesday, January 16 at 6:30 p.m.”

Seide said that the island is going through a great deal. He wants to empower young men and show them that they have more options to become upstanding members of society.

He explained that it is so important for other men in the community to lead the way.

“The drug dealers and the gangbangers are making it attractive enough for these young men, so as pastors and leaders of youth groups we have to make it more appealing for young men to be a part of the church,” he said.

Seide also spoke on the mind set of young men who commit these crimes.

He explained that not only do many of them believe they have few options in life, but they also believe their lives will be cut short.

“They think in their minds that they’re not going to live long,” he said.

He reflected on his own youth, revealing that he shared this mentality during his younger days.
“Young men in this country what they say is, ‘I’m going to get them before they get me,’” he said.
He added that if there is no intervention this trend will continue.

Bishop Joseph Hall, who also attended the press conference said, “Grand Bahama is in crisis.
“Yes Grand Bahama is in a collapsed state at this time and this is the breeding ground for criminality.”

He added that although local police officers are doing a tremendous job, criminals are still finding a way to commit crimes.

Hall encouraged young men to cease their criminal behavior and think things through before they do it.

“Drop the guns, make the right choices because when you do things that is of the contrary there is indeed a just recompense of reward for you,” he said.

Hall added, “we are all in this together and need to work together to deal with this issue.”
He also took the opportunity to advised parents to take account of their children, to know where they are at all times.

The third murder of the year happened on Saturday (January 6) in the Port Lucaya Marketplace, where a man was shot to death.

The second murder occurred on Thursday (January 4) by Club 54 at the West Mall Shopping Complex located on West Mall Drive.

The first murder of the year took place just three days prior on New Year’s Day (January 1).

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