Rotarians updated on activities at GB Emergency Water Plant

Mike Stafford – GB Emergency Water Plant Manager

Water is an essential life source and thankfully prior to, during and after the passage of Hurricane Irma, Rotary Club District 6990 Associate Assistant Governor and Plant Manager Mike Stafford worked diligently to ensure that shelters across Grand Bahama had an ample supply.

Extending an open invitation to other civic organizations such as the Pilot Club of Lucaya, Kiwanis Club of Eight Mile Rock and the LIONS’ Club of Freeport as well as the junior branches of each; Stafford revealed he was pleased to have the support of everyone especially as it relates to sanitizing the water plant, filling up jugs and preparing tote trucks for distribution throughout the community.

Always prepared to render service, Stafford admits he is thankful that Hurricane Irma did not do as much destruction on Grand Bahama as Hurricane Matthew last year and, happily provided an update on the action plan at the water plant ahead of the recent tropical cyclone.

“Before the passage of Hurricane Irma, the water plant had in place a main storage tank filled with 5,800 gallons of water.
“In the Western District of Grand Bahama beyond the Fishing Hole Road, which could have flooded, two portable water trailers were delivered to the eight Mile Rock High School gymnasium, one at the Church of God of Prophecy, Sea Grape, another at the Church of God of Prophecy, Pinedale as well as two fixed tanks at BTC Headquarters in Martin town that combine totaled 1,650 gallons.

“At the shelters in Freeport which included St. Georges' gym, Maurice Moore Primary School, Jack Hayward High School and the Pro-Cathedral of Christ the King Foster B. Pestaina Center there was 1,585 gallons provided with the aid of Cable Bahamas, REV Voice, Aliv LTE Network and the LIONS’ Club of Freeport.

“Finally in East Grand Bahama there are presently two trailers that have been delivered, one to the High Rock Police Headquarters and the other in McLean’s Town, which contains 550 gallons of water.

“Both were delivered by Kevin Turnquest and Lionel Turnquest the son and brother, respectively, of Deputy Prime Minister of The Bahamas K. Peter Turnquest, who also serves as the Member of Parliament for East Grand Bahama.”
Grateful for all the help rendered from sanitization of the water plant to organization and delivery of the purified, fresh drinking water, Stafford thanked everyone who played an integral role in getting all tasks done from the mature leaders of the various organizations to the youth of each one.

Bimini also received much-needed water in the aftermath of Hurricane Irma which ravaged the island thanks to BTC contacting Stafford for and collecting 70 one gallon jugs as well as a tote tank that was sent on a fishing vessel by the Each One, Reach One BTC iVolunteers led by Customer Experience Vice President Eldri Ferguson-Mackey and former Rotary Club President Davina Rutherford.

“Certainly special thanks must be extended to all Rotarians who helped at the Grand Bahama Emergency Water Relief Foundation (Rotary Water Plant) including Cable Bahamas Manager Edris Wilson-Elliot, Past Assist Governor Deborah Delancy, Assistant Plant Manager Billy Jane Ferguson and the Pilot Club members led by Past Presidents Nicole Colebrooke, Karen Ferguson-Bain, Angela Burrows, LIONS Keith Bain and his team as well as Kiwanian Leroy Simmons and his team.

“These women and men drove all over the island at their own expense to render service to those in need.
“They are all amazing and it is always great to work in partnership with them hence I call upon them to once again for help in emptying the gallon jugs to put back on the plant shelves, sweep the floor and conduct a general clean-up since the plant is not filled with trailers.

“Thank you to all and may God continue to bless each and everyone,” declared Stafford.

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