Rotaract Clubs reaffirm commitment to community building

ROTARACT — Members of the Eight Mile Rock and Freeport Rotaract Clubs carry out various community service initiatives throughout the year. Pictured are members Devon Robinson, Solandka Julien, Roshad Rolle, Alandka Julien, Allison Robinson, Feline Charles, Kent Ward II, Deniro Anderson, Matthew Smith, Steven Forbes, Roosevelt Rolle, Preston Smith, Jackoye Missick, Rickeya Wilson, Destiny Joseph, Philecia Martin, Selendria Roberts, Loukeira Cartwright and Diyaja Miller. Kneeling in front is Felix Bowe Jr.(Photo courtesy of Rotaract Clubs)

Members of the Rotaract Clubs of Freeport and Eight Mile Rock reaffirmed their commitment to support the Grand Bahama community through various initiatives. President and President Elect of the respective clubs sat down with The Freeport News to discuss their plans for the future on Wednesday (March 13).

President Elect of the Rotary Club of Freeport Philecia Martin, stated that World Rotaract Week is globally recognized from March 11-17 and to this end, the club members are dedicating time and effort to giving back to the community.

Since the beginning of the Rotaract year, July 1 2018, the Rotaract Club of Freeport has had over 20 community service projects.

“We’ve provided hot breakfast for families, adopted two schools and partnered with numerous organizations. Most recently, a dental health screening was conducted at our adopted school and teachers were presented with items for their staff room.

“On Tuesday, March 12 Rotaract members were encouraged to donate blood at the Rand Memorial Hospital (RMH).

“We wanted to encourage the community to lend an arm. Giving blood saves lives and we want all those that can, to participate in this life saving opportunity,” she said.

Martin added that it was fitting for Rotaract members to participate in giving the gift of life through the blood drive.

Aside from Rotaract Week, Martin shared that the club has adopted two schools – Hugh Campbell Primary School and Lewis Yard Primary – and they assist them with various things such as their Student Gardening Club, dental screenings and providing supplies for teachers’ staff rooms.

“We want to be able to take care of both the teachers and the students of the community,” she said.

Martin furthered that the members of the Rotaract Club of Freeport, RCOF, embody the organization’s moto to the full extent. “With community service being the heart and driving source of what we do, networking with young professionals is how we stay abreast of what’s happening in different sectors of the Grand Bahama economy.

“Professionals from almost all industries are a part of the RCOF – engineering, information technology, health care, teachers, real estate, accounting and more, gather every Wednesday at Geneva’s Restaurant at 6:30 p.m., to discuss how we can positively impact our community. Each week there is a new speaker or workshop that aims to educate and inform.”

RCOF is active on all social media. Like us on Facebook: Rotaract Club of Freeport, follow us on Instagram: rotaractfreeport242 and email us at

President of the Eight Mile Rock Rotaract Club Diyaja Miller, echoed Martin’s sentiments, adding that her club conducted a Christmas initiative this past December.

She noted that they donated gifts to West End Primary and Holmes Rock school’s Grade 1 students.

“Then for the adults, we gave out grocery bags throughout the community,” she added.

The Eight Mile Rock club meets every Monday at Bartlett Hill Primary School at 6:30 p.m. “We just want people to know we are there and we care,” Miller said.

Rotary International is a service-based organization whose purpose is to bring together business and professional leaders to help build goodwill and peace in the world, primarily through service and giving back in their communities. Rotary’s motto, ‘Service Above Self,’ speaks to this mission statement.

Rotaract, a club partner of Rotary International, provides this opportunity to young adults between the ages of 18-35. Rotaract’s motto is, ‘Fellowship Through Service.’

The Rotaract Clubs’ Annual Fund-raiser and Fifth Annual Art Gallery are fast approaching, as it is set for April 13, 2019. High School students are encouraged to submit their works of art for the event.

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