Rotaract Club of Freeport fund-raiser Assists with Dorian relief efforts and Polio eradication

PUB CRAWL – The Rotaract Club of Freeport held its Annual Pub Crawl fund-raising event Friday, November 1 at Fair Play, Port Lucaya and club executives and members thanked everyone who supported the event. Pictured from left to right are Kiara Jones, Director of Fund-raising, Rotaract Club of Freeport and Keturah Babb, President, Rotaract Club of Freeport. (PHOTO: JAIMIE SMITH)

The Rotaract Club of Freeport members welcomed residents in support of one of their largest fund-raisers for the year, Pub Crawl, on Friday, November 1 at. Fair Play, Port Lucaya.

According to Kiara Jones, Director of Fund-raising and Immediate Past President, Rotaract Club of Freeport, proceeds from the event will be used to assist the youth arm of Rotary International’s various community service initiatives on island. 

“We are hosting our Fourth Annual Pub Crawl for the Rotaract Club of Freeport. It is one of our two major fund-raising events for the year. This is our main fund-raiser for the fall and so, it really powers all our community service and a club projects; this is where all of the funds are allocated. 

“Our Pub Crawl is Halloween themed and so, we have cash prizes for best costumes, drink specials; it is just a really fun night for everyone to enjoy the festivities,” she added. 

The funds derived from the event, she noted, will also go towards providing continued assistance to the club’s adopted school, Lewis Yard Primary, their newly adopted school, Hugh Campbell Primary and Rotary International’s commitment and awareness of World Polio Day, which was celebrated recently, and hurricane relief.

President of the Rotaract Club of Freeport Keturah Babb noted, “We have added Hugh Campbell Primary School to the list of our adopted schools. 

“October was Economic Development Month for Rotary and, especially since Hurricane Dorian’s passage, we really want to encourage persons to support local businesses. So, we really want to thank everyone for supporting Pub Crawl.”

As it relates to their involvement in the eradication of Polio Babb expressed, “For those that do not know, World Polio Day was celebrated on October 24. It is a huge day for Rotary. 

“Polio is a highly infectious disease and right now, Polio affects three countries in the world. Rotary has been a partner with the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and our goal for the year is to raise $150 million. 

“For every dollar that Rotary brings in, the Bill and Melida Gates Foundation will match it with two dollars. We are hoping, as much as we can to give back. The disease is preventable but not curable. Rotary has been focusing on Polio eradication since 1985. 

“As there are only three countries left, we are hoping by next year to announce that only two countries are left in the World with Polio. For us this is huge, we are excited to be a part of this,” she said.

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