Reno Smith leads excellent island registration process

The challenges were many, inclusive of a strange system that allows for someone registering today, to receive the voter’s card “on the spot” while those who registered months ago, have to wait.


No matter though, in Grand Bahama, Assistant Parliamentary Commissioner Reno Smith and his team are to be congratulated. Smith has led an efficient and accommodating group of workers who have functioned at a high level of professionalism.


They dealt with the surges that came when thousands of GB residents determined that the time had come to register. We can say that our reporters have always been given the fullest attention when seeking information from Smith and his associates on the registration process.


Reports coming from residents who have registered, also verified the patience, courtesy and on-point service afforded by the department. Indeed, with the National Parliamentary Office and Parliamentary Commissioner Sherlyn Hall under immense pressure and being criticized, in GB, Smith and company have not missed a beat.


One could always get a plausible answer from Smith. Despite the inconsistencies fed out from the National Parliamentary Office, Smith has fielded questions with confidence and conviction and always presented a credible and believable outlook.


 At a time, when the knock against civil servants because of a lack of appropriate service is getting louder and louder, we can say that Smith is an example to be emulated. He is indeed a throwback to the era of the 1950s and 1960s, when civil servants were focused primarily on giving the best of service.


His staff follows through with the culture he has in place. We know of one-on-one interactions with different members of the GB Parliamentary Office staff and they have functioned in an exemplary manner.


Accordingly, the expectation is that leading up to the upcoming general elections, those eligible, but who have not yet registered, and pre-registered persons showing up to the department for their cards, will benefit from a smooth process on Smith’s watch.


There were comments thrown out around the nation about the election date being put beyond May by Prime Minister Perry Christie. However, we understand that there has been the kind of boost in registration numbers, that the government is satisfied with and Christie might ring the bell very soon.


Traditionally in recent times, general elections have taken place in May.


Nothing much should change this time around. As for the ongoing registration and distribution of voter cards in GB, we encourage Smith and his team to continue the good work.


Published  Monday, February 20, 2017 


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