Remains found in Rocky Creek

REMAINS FOUND – As local law enforcement teams continue their search and recovery efforts for persons reported missing in the wake of Hurricane Dorian yesterday, they came upon badly decomposed remains in Rocky Creek. (PHOTOS: JENNEVA RUSSELL)

What is believed to be human remains were discovered, as the team of local law enforcement officers continued their search effort for reported missing persons in the Rocky Creek area yesterday (Wednesday, October 16) morning.

As officers transferred the bagged remains onto the back of their vehicle, a female resident staying in a hurricane relief tent in the quiet community, screamed out, “Oh Lord, I can’t take it!”

Superintendent of Police Brian Rolle, Officer-in-Charge of the Central Detective Unit (CDU), told this daily’s team what transpired during the discovery.

“At 11:27 a.m. a team, while searching the southeast section of Rocky Creek, discovered a badly decomposed body believed to be human remains,” he said.

Supt. Rolle said that the officers were searching Rocky Creek, because they received word that a Dorian casualty washed up in the area.

“This is one of the areas, where we learned information that one of the survivors of the storm drifted to,” he disclosed.

He added that about four or five persons were lost in the area, where the survivor was located.

“It just made sense for us to check to see if those persons may have drifted in this particular area,” Supt. Rolle said.

He explained that police have been constantly checking areas along the way and assured that they will continue to search the eastern area for missing persons.

“We are going to continue until we cover all the eastern area especially the seaside, where persons may have drifted,” he said.

Supt. Rolle also took the opportunity to inform members of the public that the RBPF will be hosting a general grief session on Friday, October 18 at Police Headquarters.

“We’ll be providing information on how the search is going, exactly what we’re doing and then we’re also bringing in persons from the Christian side of things, to try to do some kind of counseling for them,” he said.

He noted an official account of all missing persons in Grand Bahama will also be released, as well as how many persons have been found.

Supt. Rolle, in a previous interview, revealed that there are about 30 persons missing from the area and they had recovered nine, who have been confirmed dead.

He noted that to declare a person as missing, it must be reported to the police.

He took the opportunity to appeal to those who may know of a missing-person to make an official police report.

Supt. Rolle also advised persons to be careful of the information being spread on social media platforms during this time, because such information is often inaccurate or and can be misleading.

He recommended that members of the public receive their information from official credible sources.

The Commissioner of Police (Anthony Ferguson) has released the official number of deceased persons recovered as nine in Grand Bahama and 47 in Abaco.

The Royal Bahamas Police Force, through the Commissioner of Police, is the only entity that has the authority to release an official count of recovered bodies. Whenever a body is found in Grand Bahama and Abaco the police are called in and accompany the retrieval team at all stages. As a part of the ongoing procedure the RBPF has begun the process of identification of recovered bodies from Grand Bahama and Abaco. 

To make an official missing person’s report members of the public are advised to contact authorities at local stations. They are also advised to keep up with NEMA updates.

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