RBPF arrest Grand Bahama residents for violation of Emergency orders


Officers of the Northern Division of the Royal Bahamas Police Force (RBPF) made a number of arrests, 20 in total, over a six-day period, of persons found to be in violation of the Emergency Power Orders 2020, here on the island of Grand Bahama.

Many of those arrested were engaged in the selling of products or services, while others were arrested and\or warned of prosecution while on the streets of Grand Bahama during the island’ lockdown. The island wide lockdown commenced on Thursdaym, July 23, beginning at 7:00 p.m.

According to Press Liaison Officer Superintendent Terecita Pinder: “Three males were arrested in the Eight Mile Rock community. They were found in breach of the Act by officers. One of the males was arrested when he was found selling alcoholic beverages from his residence.

In the area of the Central Division, officers arrested four males, two of whom were found operating a barbershop during the lockdown period, while the other males were arrested on the streets for drug possession.

Pinder also informed that “a male was also arrested on Sunday, July 26, shortly before 11:00 a.m., for breach of the Emergency Order Act 2020, when he was seen on the streets driving a vehicle by officers on patrol.”

Upon seeing the officers, in an attempt to evade authorities, the driver of the gray Honda vehicle, then fled at a high rate of speed. He lost control and crashed into bushes in the area of Midshipman Road.

While his injuries were not life threatening, the Honda vehicle received extensive damages.

The driver was subsequently taken to the Rand Memorial Hospital where he was seen by doctors. He was warned of prosecution and will be arraigned before the Magistrate Court.

Additionally, during this island’s first few days of the two-week lockdown, ferry boat operators and boat owners were also warned of prosecution while they were found at the Government Dock located in McLean’s Town, East Grand Bahama. Those warned of prosecution were in violation of the social distancing protocol as well as not wearing any facemasks or face shields.

According to a report: “Officers while on patrol and on duty in the McLean’s Town area on Monday July 20, observed a number of vessels entering the docking area of McLean’s Town, and persons were not adhering to social distancing and the wearing of face masks.” They were all warned of prosecution and will be arraigned before the Magistrate Court.

Prior to the start of the week lockdown, Assistant Commissioner of Police, Officer in Charge of the Northern Division of the RBPF, Ashton Greenslade expressed to the media on Thursday July 23 that he and his officers would continue to be vigilant. He sent out strong warnings to those who refuse to adhere to the law, that they will be arrested and prosecuted if found in violation of any of the Emergency Orders.

He stated: “Officers of the Royal Bahamas Police Force will be out in full force in Grand Bahama, to ensure that persons adhere to the COVID-19 laws.”

 “We will be patrolling the entire island, including East, Grand Bahama, West End and Eight Mile Rock.

“We will have check points at strategic locations barricaded off, and, we will be checking all vehicles. Those persons who are not permitted to be on the streets, you are asked to remain home. Those persons who are permitted to be on the streets, we are asking you please, please follow the COVID-19 protocols – wear your masks, and follow the protocol to the letter,”

At the time, he also warned business owners, not to conduct any form of business that is not permitted during the two-week lockdown for the island.

“We asked of those business houses that were asked to close, including bars, please keep your doors closed and do not do any business during the lockdown.

“To those persons who intend on breaking the law by selling alcohol from their private residences, cease and desist forthwith.”

“We want to discourage all illegal activity during this COVID-19 period. We want each and every resident of Grand Bahama to follow that law, so that we all can get out of this pandemic at the end of the day,” concluded the Assistant Commissioner of Police.

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