Ranfurly Circus restoration near completion

RESTORATION WORK – The Ranfurly Circus, traffic circle on the Mall Drive, is one of the oldest landmarks on Grand Bahama and is currently undergoing a beautification facelift by the Grand Bahama Port Authority. (PHOTO: JENNEVA RUSSELL)

Grand Bahama’s landmark, the Ranfurly Circus’ much-needed makeover is nearly complete. Grand Bahama Port Authority (GBPA) Deputy Director of City Management Troy McIntosh, shared details about the refurbishment of the structure, during an interview with this daily Monday (August 12) morning.

McIntosh stated that for years the structure has been left in a slightly less than functional state.

“So, the question was what can we do to make it functional and improve the landscaping of it?” he said.

He furthered that the GBPA wanted to look at what they could do to beautify the Ranfurly Circus.

McIntosh revealed that he and the rest of his team, including Dudley Francis looked at several options to complete this task.

After getting approval from management, the team proceeded to reduce the size, come up with something unique and to landscape the area surrounding the structure.

He explained that so far, they have completed two phases of the renovation.

“Right now, we have completed the first two phases, which was the construction of a pool and then the structure around it,” he disclosed.

He explained that once they turn on the fountains and the structure is finished by GBPA licensee Tyrone Laing, and the roofing expert finishes the other piece, the water which is captured would flow into the pool.

McIntosh furthered that the last phase will focus on creating a structure to secure the equipment.

“Once we’ve completed that we will then put the pool in operation,” he said.

With regards to the landscaping, McIntosh stated that the new landscaping will be shown off once it has grown to the appropriate height and the existing landscape will be removed, “so that people can really see the beauty of what is proposed.”

The project started in December 2018 and McIntosh revealed that it should be completed in the next few weeks.

McIntosh noted that it is important to maintain Freeport’s landmarks, particularly those named after various individuals such as Ranfurly Circus.

“It’s really important, specifically iconic areas named after persons, for us to continue the upkeep as best as possible; of course, financing allows to do so,” he said.

McIntosh also took the opportunity to speak about the GBPA’s first Christmas ‘Deck the Circle’ Competition, which was advertised sometime last week.

“We put out to licensees to come in, select a package; the packages are anonymous, each package has a location or circle in which they will decorate those,” he revealed.

He reminded that the winning prize is $15,000, second place prize is $10,000 and third is $ 8,000. McIntosh informed that they started with nine circles now they only have two left.

“So, we’re excited about that because like I said, this is the first time we will deck the circles. So, we’re looking forward to seeing what the licensees are going to come up with,” he said.

He finally stated the GBPA’s in-house team usually decorates the various circles, therefore, putting it out to licensees was a wonderful gesture. The competitors’ handiwork will be judged in the first week of December.

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