PR/Marketing whiz Peter Adderley positive about GB investments

PETER ADDERLEY, President of Creative Works

Hurricane Dorian’s 2019 devastating impact in Grand Bahama and now, the challenges of a worldwide pandemic are not deterrents to foreign investors interested in the island, said President of Creative Works, Peter Adderley.

In a statement Sunday (September 13), Adderley noted that there remains high interest from foreign investors to do business in Grand Bahama.

“Though faced with ongoing Hurricane Dorian recovery and the challenges of the pandemic COVID-19, investors still eye Grand Bahama and the wider Bahamas as ideal to do business.  

“Just this past weekend my agency (a Grand Bahama-based public relations, marketing, advertising, events and media consultancy operation) communicated with a United States-based firm with Canadian/Bahamian connections, and, wanting to make a significant business mark in Freeport,” Adderley disclosed.

According to Adderley, highlights of the investment are: a medical facility, alternative treatment for chronic diseases and advanced training for Bahamians.  

“I have advised the principals that Grand Bahama is open for business; the government and the Grand Bahama Port Authority (GBPA) are set to accommodate environmentally, friendly and sustainable projects with reputable leadership and solid sound funding,” he added.

Adderley, who has done consultancy work for all of the industrial giants in Grand Bahama, added that this particular project will prove a $20-plus million investment, create much-needed jobs and professional careers for Bahamians, and help grow our island’s economy.  

He said an official announcement is likely early next month.

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