Power Company gives electronic tablets to 3 civic organizations for distribution

GBPC DONATES – The Grand Bahama Power Company (GBPC) made donations of electronic tablets to three of the five Rotary International Clubs here on the island of Grand Bahama. The electronic devices will be distributed to students in need as they prepare to return to school on October 5. In the top photo pictured from left are Zevargo Cox, Director, Information Technology, GBPC; Felix Bowe Jr., Youth Service Director, Rotary Club of Sunrise; A´tiya McIntosh, President, Rotary Club of Sunrise and Stephen Cefort, Customer Service Representative, GBPC. In photo at left are members, Rotary Club of Sunset Fred Sturrup and Tony Miller; Nicola Rahming, President, Rotary Club of Sunset and Kevin Seymour, member, Rotary Club of Sunset. In photo at right are Martina Ferguson, Fundraising Director, Rotary Club of Grand Bahama; Jackie Russell, President, Rotary Club of Grand Bahama and Stephen Cefort, Customer Service Representative, GBPC. (PHOTOS: SHAYNE STUBBS)

The Grand Bahama Power Company (GBPC) this past Tuesday, September 29, made a generous donation of electronic tablets, as well as multimedia technology, to heightened the upcoming academic year. 

Three of the five Rotary Clubs on the island - Grand Bahama, Sunrise and Sunset - as well as three public learning institutions were the recipients of the power company’s latest initiative.

According to GBPC’s Director of Information Technology Zevargo Cox, “It was a pleasure to give back to the youth of the nation by way of the Rotary Clubs and the schools, namely Sir Jack Hayward Junior and Senior, as well as Freeport Primary School.

“GBPC is pleased to partner with the Rotary clubs during this pandemic. We know that the educational system is challenged right now with virtual learning and so, we partnered with three Rotary clubs here on Grand Bahama to make a positive impact on the students. We wanted to make sure that they have the right tools, to effectively participate in the virtual learning experience. 

“As it relates to the Rotary Clubs, we have donated 40 to 50 tablets to each of the groups, to help with that initiative. Rotary is an excellent service organization, and, GBPC being an excellent corporate citizen, we like to make positive impacts within our community, the community that we serve. So, it made good sense to partner with Rotary,” Cox said.

As it relates to similar a prior donation Cox informed: “Earlier today, we also donated tablets to Sir Jack Hayward Junior and High Schools, and Freeport Primary School for students coming from East Grand Bahama, who were impacted by Hurricane Dorian.  We thought that would be great to do, to ease some of the burden for them. 

“All of us were impacted by Hurricane Dorian, but we know that East Grand Bahama took the brunt of that storm. The students were displaced, there is no school in East Grand Bahama, and so, many of them are being housed at Sir Jack Hayward Junior and High Schools and Freeport Primary Schools,” he added.

Cox said also, that GBPC has always been here for the community of Grand Bahama and the company continues to make a contribution. 

“Today, it is through a learning program, but through the years we have made numerous contributions, to help build stronger communities. We have always donated to youth organizations and we will continue to do so,” concluded Cox. 

Representative from each of the three clubs expressed gratitude and appreciation to the GBPC.

President of the Rotary Club of Grand Bahama Jackie Russell expressed: “Grand Bahama Power Company, we thank you for this generous donation. This is timely, we know what we have gone through with Hurricane Dorian and we know what we are facing now with the pandemic. 

“We also know that a lot of children do not have access to tablets or computers at their homes. By GBPC donating these to us, we will in turn seek out the children who need them the most. This is also a timely donation because Rotary International has seven areas of focus and one of those areas of focus, this month, is basic education and literacy. 

“Children should not be deprived of an education just because they do not have the necessary tools or materials to work with.  Again, on behalf of the Rotary Club of Grand Bahama, we say thank you Grand Bahama Power Company.”

Rotary Club of Sunset President Nicola Rahming expressed similar sentiments noting: “This is a wonderful gesture on behalf of the GBPC. A few weeks ago, Rotary Club of Sunset had a distribution of laptops to persons in need, by way of an essay competition.  

“For GBPC to partner with the Rotary Club of Sunset, this is a wonderful.  We would like to thank them for their partnership, to get the tablets in the hands of students on Grand Bahama, who in many instances, may not have the means to purchase one at this time. 

“We send a great big thank you to GBPC, for selecting Rotary Club of Sunset at this time.”

Youth Service Director for the Rotary Club of Grand Bahama Sunrise, Felix Bowe Jr., also thanked GBPC for the timely donations.

“Firstly, we would like to thank GBPC for considering us, the Rotary Club of Grand Bahama Sunrise, as well as my President A´tiya McIntosh, for supporting this initiative which is going to support the young persons within our community. This will support an outreach opportunity, which is basically geared towards education. As Youth Service Director, a part of my portfolio is working with young persons, to support our Club,” stated Bowe. 

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