Port Lucaya Marketplace receiving solid support

GRAND OPENING—The Port Lucaya Marketplace reopened to the public on Friday October 18 following the passing of Hurricane Dorian in September.

Officially reopened on Friday October 18, Port Lucaya Marketplace (PLM) makes for a delightful visit by locals and visitors alike.

Many on the island of Grand Bahama were eagerly awaiting the reopening, post Hurricane Dorian.

Considered by many, the primary recreational/entertainment/dining spot on the island of Grand Bahama, has been mostly bubbling with excitement, particularly on weekends since the official reopening.

According to Scieska Jones, Environmental and Public Relations Manager, Port Lucaya Marketplace, the reopening day for the Marketplace was indeed promising and she expressed hope that the momentum would continue.

“On Friday (October 18), the Marketplace reopened, traffic was good and it was a little busy throughout the afternoon. We had taxis coming in and dropping off tourists. We also had locals out.

“On the opening Friday night, it was very busy. The square (Count Basie Square) was packed. We had the Soul Sisters Band on stage. They gave an excellent performance. The restaurants were crowded. The bars were crowded, everyone had a really good time.

“On Saturday night, the same happened. Once again, the Marketplace was packed as though it were the Christmas tree-lighting, fireworks, the whole nine yards,” stated Jones.

She further stated that the Marketplace was indeed the place to be for the official reopening, as persons within the community were happy to return to a place of recreation, where they had the opportunity to enjoy the atmosphere and unwind, post Hurricane Dorian.

“I think a part of that was because Port Lucaya Marketplace is the hub of Grand Bahama and there aren’t really many places to go. Actually, there really isn’t anywhere else to go but to come to Port Lucaya. I think that is the reason why we were so packed. A lot of persons were actually waiting for us to reopen and once we did they showed up.

“We also had a band perform on Saturday night. We had Wilfred Solomon. He performed in the square and, once again the restaurants and bars could not get the food out fast enough.

“We hope that it stays this way, for it to stay busy because our tenants need to make money. We are trying to get Grand Bahama back up to where it used to be prior to Hurricane Dorian,” she concluded.

On Thursday October 31, the PLM also hosted Halloween activities for children, inclusive of light refreshments for those in attendance.

Sheena Miller, Entertainment and Marketing Manager with responsibility for all tenants and vendors at the Marketplace also offered an update with regards to the tenants presently at the location.

“We lost one or two tenants because of the storm. I do not think that was too bad. They may have had that decision made up before the storm and the storm added to their decision.

“Nevertheless, we still have a good, strong amount of tenants that are here on the property. We have had, maybe about four or five inquiries from persons that rent downtown, who would have been affected by the storm and so we are looking forward to those tenants coming and renting here at the Marketplace.

“We do not have many small spaces available, but we do have spaces and so we encourage persons to come down and take a look. Open up the conversation and we can go from there,” informed Miller.

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