Police presence at popular spots

We must always knock on wood. 


Traditionally, that is done when something good happens and a continuance is desired.


In Grand Bahama, over the holiday period, we received good reports about the presence of the Grand Bahama Police Department and the vigilance demonstrated. This is good. Late last year, we felt it necessary to challenge the Police Department to ensure a greater visibility, particularly at night in the hot entertainment spots.


As of the writing of this column, we had received no official reports from the Police of any violence, traffic accidents or negative incidents as the Christmas period gave way to the New Year.


We are thus, indeed, happy to give kudos to the GB Police. We were told of events that went over so pleasingly smooth and that officers could be seen throughout, just moving around and monitoring.


This is an excellent way to start 2017.


It’s the kind of diligence, once maintained, that will result in a pleasurable and comfortable social environment in Grand Bahama. In the past, we have had the occasion to point out certain shortcomings regarding our chief law enforcers. It did appear at times, that the GB Police relaxed its approach to law enforcement.


We saluted the GB Police early in 2016 for raids conducted. Those efforts served the purpose of getting the full attention of the criminally minded individuals. Crime dipped considerably and the comparison to the first quarter of the previous year (2015) was quite commendable.


Then, the situation got a bit out of hand. The murder count moved up to a matching pace of 2015. It turned out that there were 18 official murder reports from the Police in 2016. There is no intent here to blame any of the murders directly on the Police.


We know though that Police visibility deters acts of violence.


So, at the start of 2017, we congratulate the GB Police for closing out 2016 on a most progressive note.


Accordingly, we appeal to our officers, from the top stripes all the way down to the new constables, to man their posts, and lead the way in ensuring a civil society in Grand Bahama.


Published  Tuesday, January 3, 2017 


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