Police investigating electricity tampering allegations

GBPC ON SITE –  A Grand Bahama Power Company (GBPC) truck was pictured in the area of the local business on Yellow Pine Street off Queens Highway, where police and workers from the electricity company had gathered Thursday evening. (PHOTO: JENNEVA RUSSELL)

Grand Bahama police, yesterday – Thursday, March 14 – confirmed that they are investigating a matter related to alleged electricity tampering; however, The Freeport News was unable to confirm whether anyone was in custody in connection with this investigation.

Allegations of alleged “meter tampering” by a local business from the lone electricity supplier on the island, surfaced via social media a few days ago and has made rounds via WhatsApp and other sites.

While police did not give details of the investigation, reporterswere told that there is an ongoing inquiry and, “when the investigation is completed an official statement from police will be released.”

However, early Thursday evening this daily learned that police and Grand Bahama Power Company (GBPC) officials were at a popular business establishment on Yellow Pine Street off Queens Highway.

A Freeport News team visited the scene, where GBPC workers appeared to be drilling on the property, as persons looked on.

Reporters reached out to officials of the local power company for information as to what was transpiring at the site; however, was told by a spokesperson, “we have no comment.”

This daily also reached out to owners of the local business and was told by a representative, “It’s in the lawyer’s hands.”

Meanwhile, GBPC officials remained on the property well into the late hours (11:30) last night.

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