PM Christie seems to be wrapped up in himself

Prime Minister Perry Christie with his unexpected “finger” gesture that is considered indecent worldwide, could have gotten beyond the last Monday incident and moved on with his political life.


PM Christie gave “the finger” in obvious annoyance over a social media attack. The move was roundly criticized. Persons from all persuasions commented and called for him to apologize.  Other than Dr. Hubert Minnis and others in the opposition, most just wanted the prime minister to take full responsibility, apologize and then get on with the business of running the country.


Instead, while expressing regret and remorse with emphasis, he did not use the word apologize.  In a strange twist, while addressing the matter in the House of Assembly on Wednesday in New Providence, he seemed more interested in others taking up his cause and defending him against criticisms so that he never has to mount a defense.


He will not admit this, but his attitude smacks of one totally wrapped up in himself. Our prime minister looks to be an extremely vain individual.


What has driven him to this point?


Perhaps the pressure of leadership at a time when many Bahamians are unhappy with his administration is getting to him. He has always been a cool character and many times during a prolific political career, he has had the occasions to rise above the insults and he did so magnificently, with class.


Now, though, PM Christie seems, self-absorbed, self-centered, self-loving. It seems all about him. Christie and his supporters would put forth the point that his saying he regretted the act and felt remorse, was enough.


We think he was incapable, given his present minset, to accept the need to actually say ‘I apologize to the nation, in particular the younger members of our society.’ Yes, we do think he acts, these days like a conceited man.


If Christie is big enough to put on the cloak of prime minister he should be of firm enough character to handle his battles. Actually he showed a sign of weakness.


“Where are right-thinking people when (other) people go beyond the political definitions to attack family members? Who are the right thinking people?”


We say to the prime minister: “Man up!”


By no means do we condone a lot of the nastiness associated with politics, but that is the life he has chosen.


Deal with it Mr. Christie. 


Published  Friday, March 3, 2017 


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