PLPs should counsel PM Perry Christie

The time has come indeed for sober thinking members or associates of the governing Progressive Liberal Party to insist that Prime Minister Perry Christie sit and listen to sensible advice, as he strides forward, in a seeming unstable manner, as the leader of this nation.


PLPs must step forth. Reference is not to the kind, like V. Alfred Gray and Jerome Fitzgerald, Ministers of Agriculture, and Education, Science, Technology respectively. They sing to Christie for their Cabinet suppers. That kind, it appears, would defend anything Christie does or says, in order for their Cabinet posts to be safe.


Their latest massage jobs, of Christie’s character and ego, came following the PM’s indecent finger flipping act at a political gathering in New Providence, Monday past.  That someone of his stature would dare to, while on a podium, “give the finger” to whomever, is deplorable.


It is not one of those acts that can be defended with any hint of logics. Christie is not alone in having to bear criticisms. Editorial writers are often maligned and bitterly criticized for expressions that upset others.


It’s all par for the course.


It’s the nature of things. Once, the position is taken that, from a forum, he/she/they, could question or lambast another, it’s open season.


That’s how democracy works.


All who advocate freedom of expression must certainly understand this reality.


Just who does Perry Christie think he is?


Is it all right for Christie to verbally belittle his strongest political foe, Dr. Hubert Minnis, he of the Free National Movement Leadership, and not be treated in kind? Many times on podiums, Christie has been bombastic, caustic and verbally brutal, we think, in assailing his political opponents.


Oh, but when he begins to feel the pressure, he gives the finger. Giving the finger, it is understood, has several meanings, none of them complimentary. Most consider the act to be totally indecent.


For balance, we refer to comments from someone who has praised PM Christie in the past. The noted Bishop Simeon Hall had this to say:


“The prime minister of the Commonwealth of The Bahamas owes his followers, his critics, the country an apology.  I am disappointed that the prime minster has allowed criticisms that he should expect, to pull him beneath the level of the dignity of his office.


“When you are in leadership, you learn toughness, rather than allowing people to pull you down to their level.”


While we fully endorse Bishop Hall’s sentiments, we put it to our readers that Christie has gone beyond simply reacting to criticisms. He has become bold to the point whereby he seems to think he can say anything and it should be accepted.


That’s dangerous.


Published  Thursday, March 2, 2017 


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