PLP process in Central GB contaminated

There is little doubt that the process towards the ratification of a Progressive Liberal Party (PLP) candidate for the Central Grand Bahama Constituency has been contaminated.


We have been told that the process was “demonized” this last Saturday at the PLP Headquarters on Sunrise. In a broad sense, the constitution of the party, as it related to branches and the process towards nomination of candidates, was followed.


However there are complaints regarding the small number of 26 allowed to vote, which does not reflect those who came to the headquarters. In any event, the PLP Central Grand Bahama Branch, has, we understand put forth businesswoman Ginger Moxey as the choice over incumbent candidate Senator Julian Russell and Bahamasair senior executive Harold Williams.


As one long-time Grand Bahama PLP advocate put it, the event on Saturday was clearly choreographed and was a distraction. It’s now for the PLP National Candidates Committee to give the verdict.


It has been disclosed to us that the branch sought to be fair to “all of the persons who applied” to be the candidate for the upcoming general elections. Moxey, Russell and Williams were encouraged to go into the Central Grand Bahama area and reach out to voters. This reportedly, was done, with Moxey and Williams more aggressively moving about the constituency.


Ultimately, the branch committee sent a report to the PLP Candidates Committee recommending Moxey, an inside source informed The Freeport News.


There is an element in Grand Bahama, according to sources that is seeking to push forward Senator Russell for the nomination and at present PLP factions connected with the matter, are at odds.


Thus, Central Grand Bahama presents one of the thorny issues the PLP is late in sorting out. A similar situation exists in the South Eleuthera Constituency. Presently, in Grand Bahama, the rival major political party, the Free National Movement, weeks ago ratified Iram Lewis to replace long-time Member of Parliament for the area, Neko Grant.


With Grant admittedly retiring at the end of this term from frontline politics, the way is clear for Lewis to work the area and seek voting support. He has a big start on the PLP.


Just prior to press time, The Freeport News received unofficial word that the matter of Central Grand Bahama will be cleared up by the PLP this week.


Published  Tuesday, February 7, 2017 


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