PLP men’s branch launches “voters’ registration drive”

VOTERS’ REGISTRATION DRIVE LAUNCH – The Grand Bahama Branch of the Progressive Liberal Party (PLP) Men’s Branch recently launched a “voters’ registration drive” for first time voters, with the incentive of winning a Nissan Cube. Pictured are members of the branch announcing the initiative. (PHOTO: BARBARA WALKIN)

The Grand Bahama Men’s Branch of the Progressive Liberal Party (PLP) has launched a voters’ registration drive, with an incentive for first time registrants.

Members of the branch recently announced that an ultra-modern, state-of-the-art Nissan Cube is up for grabs for one “lucky” new voter.

“Ever since the Grand Bahama PLP Men’s Branch was formed, it has constantly sought to bring value to the community and make positive contributions to the greater good in various ways.

“With the general elections quickly approaching, we realize the importance of encouraging the youth of GB to register to vote so that their voice and vote can be counted. With this important cause in mind, the branch has decided to launch a voters' registration drive, focused on encouraging first time voters to register, while helping them to understand how precious and valuable the right to vote really is,” said Branch Member Nevar Smith.

Smith said that only those who are registering to vote for the first time will be eligible to win the car.

He explained that after providing proof of having registered, the first time voters will present their documents to officials at the PLP Headquarter, and have their names placed into a group with other first time registrants.

“One lucky person will be chosen out of that group by April 5, 2021 and be given the car, sponsored by the PLP GB Men’s Branch,” Smith said.

He said that persons who participate in this initiative will not be told how to vote. “I want to stress that we are not telling people how to vote. This isn’t that type of situation but instead, our primary objective is to encourage people to register to vote and let their voices be heard on election day.”

Noting the importance of the drive, party supporter James Turner said one of the things members of the branch have been speaking about is: “If you want people to do the right thing, sometimes you have to provide an incentive for them to do the right thing.

“The fact is, as Nevar has said, it doesn’t matter who you vote for at this time … this is about having the right to vote. Do you know if you are not registered, you cannot vote? We want folks to know they ought to register, so that they are able to express and select their candidate of choice.

“If you are a first time voter, primarily young folks, we are saying to you go and register. How much does it cost to be registered? Absolutely nothing. Once you would have registered, simply bring your registration card, proof that you registered, and we’ll make a copy of it.

“We’ll simply drop it in a box. How much would it cost to win this car? Absolutely nothing,” said Turner.

PLP National Vice Chairman Julian Sawyer noted that the initiative is simply to encourage Bahamians, particularly young Bahamians, everywhere to register to vote.

“We especially encourage the young people to get involved in this paradigm shift in being registered to vote in this coming General Election,” said Sawyer.

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