PLP in chaos

The home base of headquarters of both the governing Progressive Liberal Party and the other major political force in the country, the Free National Movement (FNM), were quite active over the weekend.


On Sunrise Highway, across from the Seventh-Day Adventist Church, the parking lot at the PLP Headquarters was loaded and many supporters were observed milling around. The same was the case for FNM at the Cecil Wallace-Whitfield Building on Atlantic Drive.


The door-to-door campaigning has begun in earnest. PLPs, decked in white and gold or yellow have for the most part been structured into teams and given assigned routes.  The PLP is late the Central Grand Bahama Constituency. We understand, that just over the weekend, a decision was made, although under highly questionable circumstances at the GB PLP headquarters. Some say the manner in which the proceedings were conducted was disgraceful.


We have been told that no PLP National Candidates Committee members were present and that Albert Gray, with no verified jurisdiction, chaired the voting that resulted in only about four known Central Grand Bahama Branch members’ ballots being counted. On the other hand, it was disclosed that some 24 persons, mostly newly appointed Stalwart Councillors, were allowed to vote as Senator Julian Russell got the greater number over Ginger Moxey.


The situation speaks volumes to the present erratic state of the PLP on the whole. In truth, the PLP, definitely in Grand Bahama, but also nationally seems to be in chaos.


This is all happening under the watch of Prime Minister Perry Christie. The overbearing attitude of certain PLPs who are said to have the blessing of Christie, is badly damaging the party. A large number of PLP supporters, particularly, the younger set, are embarrassed at the state of affairs in the party.


The Central Grand Bahama Constituency continues to present untold problems for the PLP, as is the case with South Eleuthera, where a majority of the authentic branch members have indicated an interest and proposed for ratification a particular candidate, only to be rebuffed thus far.


What’s going on in the PLP today under Christie is a recipe for failure at the polls. At this rate, as was the case in 2007, when a large number of PLPs did not register and the Free National Movement won the government, the same scenario is being revisited. Christie doesn’t seem to be in control. Either that, or he is behind the actions of a few who seem bent on ignoring the wishes of the many, based on personal agendas.


As for Julian Russell and Ginger Moxey who are caught up in the controversy of Central Grand Bahama, it is a sad situation. They are two quality individuals, certainly by today’s standard and should not be used as pawns.


At press time, we were unable to confirm whether PLP Chairman Bradley Roberts along with the rest of the decision makers in the party had endorsed the result that favored Russell.


Published  Monday, February 6, 2017 

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