Pineridge Back-to-School giveaway touches hundreds

Member of Parliament (MP) for Pineridge, Rev. Frederick McAlpine partnered with Aliv to host the first Back-to-School Giveaway for the area, since he became the representative following the May 10 General Election. Hundreds of students turned out to receive back-to-school supplies for today’s (Monday, September 4) opening of the new school year.

Member of Parliament (MP) for Pineridge, Rev. Frederick McAlpine, partnered with Aliv to host his first Back-to-School event as the representative for that constituency on Saturday, September 2.

Hundreds of children, parents and guardians converged on the grounds of the Kipling Building, where McAlpine’s office is located, to not only collect back-to-school items, but enjoy the treats available.

According to McAlpine, 1,000 backpacks were to be distributed to students returning to the classroom this morning.

“We have a 1,000 backpacks that we are giving out today, alone, for people who have called in their names,” he said. “And so we are happy to do this, because education is important, particularly for me and for the people of Pineridge.

“If I can get them educated, I can make a difference in their lives from a social, spiritual and economic perspective,” said the MP.

“And so, it’s imperative ... I am going to be pushing education and for that I am giving out 1,000 backpacks, with 2,000 books, 6,000 pencils, 1,000 rulers, glue and scissors. The backpacks are loaded.”

For those students, whose parents weren’t able to call in or get to McAlpine to have their names listed for the Pineridge Constituency Back-to-School Giveaway, they received a backpack with supplies from Aliv.

“We’ve partnered with Aliv, they have been helping me in this venture and for that we are very grateful. So those persons who were not able to reach me, they were not left out.”

In addition to the school supplies, young male students also got free hair cuts and everyone attending the event was treated to hotdogs, hamburgers, sno-cones, pop corn, music “... the whole works,” said McAlpine.

“We are going to have a few games later as well, but it is a day for Pineridge,” he added.

Reiterating that it is his intent to do the best to empower the residents of Pineridge, McAlpine added, “because they voted for me and I wanted to show my appreciation by giving back.”

Questioned about the rescheduling of the Pineridge Town Meeting, which town was postponed as a result of a fire at the Rand Memorial Hospital recently, McAlpine disclosed that the town meeting is set for September 30 at the Foster B. Pestaina Auditorium.

“We are looking forward to that, there will be some persons who would be able to address issues, particularly those who are seeking hurricane relief and those seeking information from National Insurance.
“And so, we are doing our best to get the constituents of Pineridge empowered,” McAlpine stated.

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