Parker-Edgecombe appeals to single mothers, young voters in Bimini

YOUNG VOTERS – Free National Movement candidate for WEst GRand Bahama and Bimini, Pakesia Parker-Edgecombe, is pictured with a young voter in Bimini Monday, April 24 prior to the mass rally.

An exuberant crowd of Free National Movement (FNM) supporters assembled in Bimini on Monday (April 24) evening for the party’s mass rally, to hear from a number of FNM candidates, including candidate for West End and Bimini, Pakesia Parker-Edgecombe, as well as the party’s leader, Dr. Hubert Minnis.

During her address, Parker-Edgecombe made a special appeal to first time voters and single mothers, to make, ‘the right choice’ for the betterment of themselves, as well as that of their children.

“FNM’s time is drawing nigh, we cannot afford to sleep at the wheel and have the Progressive Liberal Party  (PLP) return as the government of The Bahamas. This country is in need of a government that is transparent, honest, without corruption and one that will put the people first. I know that I am ready for that government, are you?” she asked.

Speaking to several promises, she claimed the PLP made, Parker-Edgecombe said, “They told us that when they taxed you, that very same money would be used to make your lives better; guess what ...

“Not only did they put a tax on you that crippled your finances and your home, but they refused to invest in you off of your own money, that is a slap in the face and I want you to return it, two times on May 10.”

Additionally, Parker-Edgecombe sais, “they told you to go to Social Services; it was said that if you can’t afford the taxes and you find yourself in trouble, then we have Social Services there for you. Who does that?

“Who bruises their people and then tries to patch them up by telling them to go to a place and when they get there, there is hardly anything for them? Social Services has been so overwhelmed that there are single mothers every day who go through those doors and come away crying; I know of several stories that I can tell,” Parker-Edgecombe maintained.

“Single mothers across the country I say fight for your children, they need you, they need you to make a decision that any government that does not mean you well, does not deserve to be in place. Vote them out!”

She admonished the supporters, that on May 10, Election Day, choose the FNM as the next government of The Bahamas, as it is as their slogan states, ‘It’s the people’s time.’

“When the ballots are counted, the boxes are sealed, this country will realize that the FNM is that body, that organization that will do better for the Commonwealth of The Bahamas.  Let your voices be heard; this isn’t just about you, the past we cannot change, but the future, we can. Our future young people cannot wait; you cannot allow for this government, who means you no well to be returned.

“There are thousands of you who are graduating from high school who have no job, no scholarship, none whatsoever and to top that off, they barely give you any functioning programs that you can be a part of. This is not the sign of a caring government. Let us all be real with ourselves, let the voice of reason be imbedded in you and you realize that yes, we are here to have a good time, and we are here to be proud of what we believe in. But, at the end of the day this is about country first; we cannot have the PLP as the government of this Bahamas.

“Four times we were downgraded, we cannot be downgraded anymore. The money, your money, that you have worked so hard for is on the verge of being devalued, don’t let that happen.  This government doesn’t mean you well. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist for you to know when you are thriving and many of you are experiencing challenges on a daily basis.

“Do not be fooled by the sweet talk and the promises that were made many years ago, and continue to be made by the PLP in your community. Bimini you know what you were promised, high school programs, all of that sweet talk, scholarships for your children, have you received it? What have you received Bimini? And if you have received nothing, then you give them nothing,” said Parker-Edgecombe.

The country is in need of a serious turnaround and West Grand Bahama and Bimini will be a part of it all, she added. “We will vote them out. I hear that Bimini has a new sector as well, outside of Bailey Town and Porgy Bay. I hear behind the gates there is a movement that will join you. I hear that all of you in Bimini, are going to join hands together and you are going to ensure that never again is there any type of gold dust in Bimini. “

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