Outstanding youngsters to receive honours at Youth Recognition Awards

FROM TOP LEFT, Malachi Russell, Sasha Davis, Chanavia Charles, Joshua Dames, Desmond Butler, Crashonda Garvey. From bottom left: Cameron Gibson, Vonique Brown, Joel Victor, Tazure Saunders, Renee Davis, Bentley Bowleg.

Young people positively making a difference in their communities will be honoured on Saturday, October 13 at A Social Affair Convention Center beginning at 7:00 p.m.

The Youth Recognition Awards, spearheaded by the Ministry of Youth, Sports and Culture (MYSC) will celebrate 50 outstanding youth, positively making an impact in various capacities, here on the island of Grand Bahama.

Youth, Coordinator with the Ministry of Youth, Sports and Culture Carla Brown-Roker shared on Wednesday (October 10), “The Ministry of Youth, Sports and Culture’s Youth Division, is gearing up for this month’s Youth Recognition Awards for Grand Bahama. We have 50 young, outstanding people to recognize at our youth awards on Saturday, October 13. These are young people that have been nominated by youth organizations and youth ministries throughout Grand Bahama, from east to west.”

As October is observed as ‘Youth Month,’ Brown-Roker informed that a number of events have and will continue taking place in honour of remarkable youth on the island under the theme, ‘Youth at the forefront of change.’

“Earlier this month, we began with a church service in the east where they had a private recognition for their young people; however, there are still some more coming out of the east to join us in the City of Freeport that will encompass Freeport, West Grand Bahama and throughout the entire island.

“Youth ministries have come on board in a really big way and they want to have their young role models recognized for being faithful to the organization, for being able to handle the responsibilities and duties … those who just stand out with their extraordinary talents.

“We have not only youth ministries, but we have organizations like Water Keepers Bahamas, Save the Bays, among others that have given us two environmentalists that are making a difference in their organization. We have persons like William Moss, who is a musician extraordinaire; he has accomplished an extraordinary feat for a young man in the area of music. What is amazing about William is that more than one organization has put his name forward, without him even knowing. It speaks to the fact that he obviously has some extraordinary gifts and we look forward to honouring him,” said Brown-Roker.

“We also have our Boys’ Brigade, Girls’ Brigade and Boy Scouts; we even have two entrepreneurs, two young ladies who have done some revolutionary things here on Grand Bahama in the persons of Darronae Rolle, who has invented her hibiscus oil products and Reniska Cartwright, who came up with this braiding technique that we are getting to know even more about.”

Brown-Roker noted that one of the more exciting elements of this year’s award ceremony will be the recognition of ZNS’ Italia Hall, for the Generation Y Show and for the extraordinary work she has done with young people on our island. “Ms. Hall will be receiving the Youth Ally Award, which is given to persons who would have done everything possible to shed light on the accomplishments of our young people.

“We all know that every Tuesday, we tune in and listen to her show Generation Y, where she features a young person that is a role model in our community and in our country. The MYSC cannot take something like that lightly. We must say thank you to Italia and we must continue to work with her, as she goes across the length and breadth of Grand Bahama, featuring these young people.”

Brown-Roker noted that others will be recognized for their outstanding achievements in the community, including Leonarda Smith … Ossie Simmons, Sports Insider, who would have put forth this young athlete’s name. We have persons such as Desmond Butler from the Falcons’ Boys Club, who is a leader within his own right; Joshua Dames, known to everyone for his leadership on the Tabernacle Basketball Team and Falcons’ Boys Club. We also have Davontae Forbes, CARIFTA silver medalist.”

Brown-Roker also shared that a young Tenecia Moss, will also be receiving the Triumph Award, in recognition of the remarkable strides she has made, obtaining a degree from the Bahamas Technical and Vocational Institute (BTVI), despite enduring a debilitating medical condition.

“The Youth Recognition Awards will feature our young people from all genres. We just want to say to them, continue to be at the forefront of change; continue to make our community proud, our country proud.

“We want to just give them all of the praise that they deserve because when our young people do wrong, we see them plastered all over the country. Why not plaster them and praise them for doing something that is right; something that is making a difference in our community, and that’s what Saturday night is all about.”

The Youth Coordinator encouraged all to attend the event, where some of the brightest and the best of the country’s future leaders will be celebrated for being youth at the forefront of change.

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