Officials await pathologist’s report on body found in Queen’s Cove

WAITING ON REPORT – Assistant Commissioner of Police (ACP) Ashton Greenslade said that police officials are awaiting the pathologist’s report to determine the exact cause of death and identity of the badly decomposed body found in bushes off a dirt road in Queen’s Cove, on November 12. (PHOTOS: SHAYNE STUBBS)

Police are awaiting the pathologist’s report to determine the cause of death, following the discovery of a badly decomposed body found in bushes off a track in Queen’s Cove, Thursday, November 12.

Speaking with media personnel recently, Assistant Commissioner of Police Ashton Greenslade, Officer in Charge of Grand Bahama and Northern Bahamas, said that a team of detectives are working diligently on the case.

“As it relates to the body that was found, I have a team of detectives working on that. We are waiting on the pathologist’s report and once we receive that report, we would know exactly how the person died.

“We are following a number of lines of enquiry in that particular matter. Once we bring that to an end, you will be the first to know,” said Greenslade.

On Thursday, November 12, officers were summoned to a dirt road in the Queen’s Cove community, where a badly decomposed male body was discovered.

Shortly after 6:00 p.m., a team from this daily arrived at the scene, where the discovery was made, as officials were in the process of removing the body from the area. The body was found on a side (dirt) road, in an area, quite evident, in being used as an indiscriminate dumping site for a number of items, including discarded appliances and other household items.

At the time, authorities revealed: “Shortly after 4:00 p.m. officers were informed that a body had been found in the area of Queen’s Cove. Officers responded and discovered the badly decomposed body through the dirt road.

“As I said before, the body is badly decomposed and we cannot determine, at this time, the cause of death,” Supt. Terecita Pinder told the media at the scene.

Due to the severity of decomposition, the senior official added that police were unable to ascertain a motive for the death; hence they determined to wait the pathologist’s report to determine the exact cause of death, as well as the identity. 

“At this time, we are requesting any members of the public who may have a missing person or a loved one who has not been home for a while, to please notify the Criminal Investigation Department (CID) so that we can come to a conclusion here, as to the cause and who the person is, that died here," informed a police statement.

A few days prior to the discovery, the family of Dudley Capron aka “Caproni,” reported the 78-year-old missing.

Reports were that he was last seen on November 1 at his Bahamia Arms apartment.

His daughter Jessica Butler, in an interview with The Freeport News, said that after making checks with persons in the apartment complex, she learned that her father allegedly left with two females in a vehicle on Sunday (November 1).

It would be 11 days later that the badly decomposed body was found in Queen’s Cove.

Since the discovery, Butler on her Facebook, posted a reward flyer calling for anyone with information leading to the arrest and conviction of the person(s) responsible for Dudley ‘Caproni’ Capron’s death to contact CID at 350-3106/7/8/9.

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