OBB essential for West End

Old Bahama Bay essential for West End. PM Dr. Hubert Minnis pictured left.

Old Bahama Bay, the unique and highly successful resort at the western tip of West Grand Bahama has emerged prominently in the purchase sale deal picture the Government of The Bahamas is seeking to sign off on, with an entity called Grand Palm Beach Acquisitions.

Venture Resort and Club Limited operates Old Bahama Bay and has sent out a release emphasizing its intent to continue to provide a working environment that has been the primary economic engine for the area, in the face of an arrangement the government seems to be making, that could leave Old Bahama Bay and the staff members out in the cold.

Venture Limited has ensured that the staff will remain virtually 100 percent Bahamian, practically all from West End.

Thus far none of the government statements have indicated what would happen with Old Bahama Bay and the near 100 full time and spill over jobs.

Prime Minister Dr. Hubert Minnis has boasted about the proposed Heads of Agreement with Grand Palm Beach but has not spoken to the future of Old Bahama Bay and the Bahamians there from top management down.

Following is the release form the Venture group that gives the full background of its operation in West End:

“In November of 2011 the Condo Owners at Old Bahama Bay were notified by the then operators of the Resort (Ginn LRA) that they intended to close the resort operation effective December 31, 2011. The Condo Owners in an effort to preserve their investment, the jobs of employees, and the overall economy of the West End village created a Bahamian company named Island Venture Resort & Club, LTD (IVRC) to take over and operate the resort.

We would like to thank the residents of West End, condo unit owners, the staff and guests of Old Bahama Bay. For greater than six years Old Bahama Bay Resort and Yacht Harbour has operated successfully and financially independently, restoring the resort’s position in the marketplace and growing its workforce back to 100+ permanent jobs. Residents of West End make up 95 percent of the employees of Old Bahama Bay, making it the largest employer in the Western District, as well as empowering entrepreneurship by creating space for independent operators.

These employees and operators have played a major role, in collaboration with the condo unit owners and guests of Old Bahama Bay, to create a sustainable and viable business model with continued organic growth. They have done so through natural disasters, economic downturns, political changes, and foreign bankruptcy. Under the leadership of IVRC, Old Bahama Bay Resort and Yacht Harbour has focused its community outreach towards the future of the West End community and our children.

IVRC and the resort have and will continue to work with the West End primary school and the WECAN organization to ensure that the futures of our community and our children continue to grow and thrive. IVRC and Old Bahama Bay Resort and Yacht Harbour openly welcomes new guests, new opportunities, and new investors. Being a premiere tourist destination will always be of the highest priority ensuring West End remains the crown jewel of Grand Bahama Island.

With firm and steadfast resolution, our commitment will never deviate from our mission, “Our purpose is to enrich Old Bahama Bay guest’s and owner’s resort experience by enhancing the enjoyment of their chosen recreational, social, and family activities by providing exceptional services, facilities and amenities.” This is all in an effort to ultimately improve our lives and succeed together as one community. Forward, Upward, Onward, Together.”

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