NOW, Worship Experience Concert hosted by Let the Women Sing set for tonight


The mysteries of Christ and the depth of His love towards mankind are uncovered through the beauty of worship, Minister Kelda ‘Timeless’ Sweeting and the Let the Women Sing Choir are intent on attendees of the NOW. A Worship Experience Concert enjoying soul-stirring praise on Friday, July 20 beginning 7:30 p.m. at New Destiny Kingdom Center.

Psalmists, intercessors and worship leaders from throughout the Christian community are all of the mindset that there is no better time to honor the Lord through corporate worship than now.

Leading songs of adoration, encouragement and declaration will be Minister Eunice Rolle, who hails from Christian Tabernacle Church in Nassau, New Providence as well as Community Holiness Church, Eight Mile Rock Minister Debbie Jones and Church of the Nazarene, West End Psalmist Tara Jones.

“Honestly, NOW. A Worship Experience is the first in a series of praise events that will occur ahead of Let the Women Sing Season 5, which is set for February 2019; as always whenever we prepare to open a new season, we begin in worship and this time around I have decided to title the worship experiences going forward, hence they will be referred to as, NOW!

“Of course, ‘NOW’ is not an acronym but simply it means that we are seeking to worship God and experience Him at this present moment, holding nothing back and surrendering to His unfailing love for us His children.
“This night of worship essentially, will not involve the Let the Women Sing Mass Choir but instead a much smaller segment of its membership known as the LTWS Singers, who are selected each season for smaller musical ventures like these praise and worship experiences.

“The LTWS Singers will be the back-up singers for all the lead psalmists and worship leaders, who will be featured during this concert and indeed I am grateful to have their support,” said Minister Sweeting.

Excited about Christ and all that will be offered during NOW. A Worship Experience Concert especially as it relates to moments of spoken word led by Kingdom Worship Center Intl., Minister Omeece Russell, Calvary Temple Assemblies of God Minister Quistal Cooper and New Destiny Kingdom Center Minister Clarissa Robinson, the entire community of Grand Bahama is invited to let their praise come forth as a sweet smelling savor unto the Lord, said Minister Sweeting, as signs, wonders, miracles and the beauty of God will fill the house of worship.

Traditional worship, contemporary gospel and Bahamian Rake ‘n’ Scrape praise songs will certainly set the atmosphere, burdens will be lifted, cries of desperation to the Lord will resound but most importantly, Minister Sweeting noted that true praise not just from the lips but only from the heart is exactly that which will be offered.

“Everyone is fired up and ready to give way to the leading and guidance of the Holy Spirit and therefore, I am encouraging every and anyone who has been feeling down and is in need of a real, genuine worship experience to attend the Let the Women Sing! NOW A Worship Experience Concert.

“Please be mindful that no fees will be charged, come dressed in smart-casual church attire and know that there will be lots of room available to free worship the Lord.

“There is definitely no better time than to give our God praise than right now, so again all are encouraged to come out, be blessed and experience the King of kings, the Lord of lords, the Rose of Sharon, the Lily of the Valley and the Great I Am, unlike never before,” declared Minister Sweeting.

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