‘No confidence’ motion expected against HOA Speaker

HALSON MOULTRIE House of Assembly, Speaker

Leader of the Official Opposition, Phillip ‘Brave’ Davis, is expected to move a ‘no confidence’ vote against the Speaker in the House of Assembly (HOA), Halson Moultrie, this morning when proceedings resume.

This latest move in the “HOA drama,” stemmed from proceedings some two weeks prior, when Moultrie named and suspended Member of Parliament for Englerston, Glenys Hanna-Martin.

Following Hanna-Martin’s suspension, which was for two consecutive sittings of the HOA, the remaining Opposition members – Davis; Deputy Leader Chester Cooper and South and Central, MP, Picewell Forbes, were also suspended.

Since the suspension of the entire Opposition, Davis has made it clear that Moultrie was “out of order,” even though he had the support of the governing members.

When the HOA met on Monday, February 12 – for only nine minutes – Moultrie revealed to members Davis’ intention for the Lower Chamber’s next sitting (Wednesday, February 14).

“I wish to bring to the attention of this honorable House that the leader of the official opposition has written a letter to the clerk, the acting clerk of the Parliament, and has indicated an intention, pursuant to rule 52, to bring a motion when the House next convenes on Wednesday,” Moultrie said.

He added that Davis wrote to Acting Chief Clerk David Forbes on Friday (February 9) indicating that he intends to move a no confidence vote against the Speaker.

Leader of Government Business and Bamboo Town MP, Renward Wells stood to his feet and said, “Given the gravity of what the Leader of the Opposition intends to do on Wednesday, the government is obliged, along with this House, to see to it that all members are here on Wednesday and that, that motion is going to take precedence over the entire House agenda as per the House rules.

“So we thought it fitting that we would have this Parliament today. We have our meeting so that all members would have a right to be here on Wednesday so that we could get on with the business of this House.”

During an interview with The Nassau Guardian on Monday, Moultrie said, “all is forgiven” and he will live with the outcome of today’s vote of no confidence motion against him.

All Opposition members are expected to be in HOA today.

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