NHI enrollment launched country wide

NHI enrollment launched country wide

On Monday, April 24 the government launched the first phase of its National Health Insurance Scheme with the enrollment segment.
The enrollment phase which was launched country-wide gave citizens and legal residents of The Bahamas the right to choose their primary care provider from the public sector or private sector.

When the list of physicians and health care facilities is released on April 24, Bahamians should be aware that some Public Health Clinics are grouped.

In New Providence, physician providers from the following public sector clinics will be available for persons to select from:

• South Beach Health Centre
•Elizabeth Estates Clinic (which includes attached clinics of Fox Hill and Anne’s Town, as well as Simpson Penn and Willamae Pratt Schools, Elizabeth Estates Children’s Home)
•Flamingo Gardens Clinic (grouped with Adelaide Clinic and Gambier Clinic as well as care at the detention center)
•Fleming Street Clinic (grouped with Coconut Grove Clinic, Blue Hill Road Clinic, and the Adolescent Health Center)

For example, because of some Public Clinic groupings, if you want to select your primary care doctor from Blue Hill Road Clinic, you would look for your preferred doctor’s name listed beside the Fleming Street Clinic. If you wish to select a physician from Adelaide Clinic to provide you care under NHI Bahamas, your doctor’s name would be listed beside the Flamingo Gardens Clinic.

All public health sector facilities in the Family Islands may not appear on the list of providers registered with NHI Bahamas right away. This is because the Ministry of Health, Department of Public Health, and Public Hospitals Authority are still in the process of finalizing the inclusion of Family Island health centers in NHI Bahamas.

The List of NHI registered providers is updated daily. The Ministry wants to assure those living on the Family Islands that physician providers will be registered as soon as possible and added to the list, so persons on these Islands will have access to NHI Bahamas coverage. Persons are encouraged to check the NHI Bahamas website regularly for the updated physician provider listing.

The public is reminded that enrollment for NHI Bahamas can be done online at www.nhibahamas.gov.bs or in person at one of the NHI enrollment locations.
In New Providence, enrollment locations are as follows:
• Enoch Beckford Memorial Auditorium, Carmichael Road
• Cotton Tree Plaza, Bernard Road, Fox Hill
• New Providence Community Centre, Blake Road
In the Family Islands, persons may enroll online, or in-person at their local NIB office.
If you have any questions about public clinic registration in NHI Bahamas, please contact the Department of Public Health at 502-4831 or 502-4896.

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