New Life Natural Vegetation Cell Food putting a spin on eco tourism

A TASTE OF NEW LIFE – More than 30 visitors travelled to the island from the United States to experience and learn more about the vegan lifestyle, and the products and services offered at New Life Natural Vegetation Cell Food Limited. (PHOTO: TFN)

Welcoming guests to our shores with open arms, New Life Natural Vegetation Cell Food Limited, in the Seahorse Plaza was filled to capacity on Friday, April 27, as over 30 visitors travelled to the island from the United States to experience and learn more about the vegan lifestyle, and the products and services offered.

New Life Natural Vegetation Cell Food Limited inclusive of their Herbal and Alkaline Deli and Restaurant was established in Nassau by Jamal Moncur and Julian Smith in 2010.

According to the company’s website (, “The company has grown to become a household name for persons around The Bahamas and its surrounding regions. In a short time, Moncur and Smith have found themselves among the most admired and respected young entrepreneurs of their time, as they stand wholeheartedly behind their products and services, and continue to journey with passion, spreading the message of a healthy lifestyle throughout The Bahamas and beyond.

On Friday, Moncur shared with this daily, how the annual cruise to the island of Grand Bahama was established, over four years ago.

“This is an annual event that was established by Mr. Bolingo Ashay and his wife. It all started three years ago, he and his wife came down to The Bahamas, when we were located downtown, at the time. They were really impressed with what we had to offer and began following us online. They came down to experience it and they were blown away. They organized a cruise, where they galvanized persons from around the United States to sail to Freeport for a three-day stay. It became so successful that he will be doing it more than once a year. As a matter of fact, he informed me that he will be doing another one in July of this year.

“This event is very important, because this is a part of tourism, more specifically eco-tourism. On Saturday, we will be showing residents of Freeport and our visitors a lot of the native plants that grow wild right here on Grand Bahama.”

Moncur added that New Life Natural Vegetation Cell Food Limited is geared toward informing Bahamians and by extension the world, of the enormous benefits of plant based diets, many of which are found and grown locally.

“We want Bahamians to be a part of it as well, to learn more about the benefits of plants found here. Our guests are here now, wanting to see more of the plants that are indigenous to The Bahamas,” Moncur noted.

With an area of the store set up to display just a fraction of the plants grown here, which he claims have extraordinary health benefits, Moncur continued, “On our table, all of those plants grow wild right here in Freeport. As a matter of fact, we take those plants and we make juice, we cook our own soups, mayonnaise, ketchup, hot sauce and smoothies from those wild plants.

“The food that we make here is fresh; so much so, that when you eat our soups, it is only about an hour old. We believe in putting something alive in our living bodies. We do not believe in eating dead food; this is why we have been getting such wonderful results and why people have such high praises about our products.

“When I became a vegan, one of the concerns I had was that the food seemed very bland, that there was no flavor. My wife wanted to challenge me and create something that was just as good or even better than the bad chemicalized, processed food,” Moncur noted.

Passionate about the myriad of health benefits the consumption of natural foods possesses, Moncur concluded, “We want people to come in and support our business not because the food is healthy, but because it tastes good. If we can capture you, because of the taste of our food, then the side-effect of eating good food would be weight loss, energy, a strengthened immune system and the continuity of life. If you look up the word food in the dictionary, it is defined as a substance that sustains and supports life.”

Bolingo Ashay, organizer of the cruise shared his thoughts on the initiative and the importance of hosting the educational event.

“Once I found out about Dr. Sebi (Founder of Usha Research Institute in Honduras, herbalist and self-proclaimed healer), he brought so much magnificent information to us, I said that anyone who facilitates what Dr. Sebi brought I would support them, but I needed to see it for myself.

“I came here and I saw what he (Moncur) was doing. At the time, he was at his downtown location and I questioned where everyone was, and why the Bahamian people were not seeing what it was that he had here. When I saw what he had, I decided that we needed to bring people here; we needed to support him, especially how he told me that the economy here mainly thrives on tourism,” said Ashay.

“I continued to do the work and support him, and in turn a lot of people started to follow me and what I was doing. So I told him about my idea with the cruise, to travel here with persons. The next thing we knew, we had 30 people travelling with us on our cruise last year. Everyone enjoyed it so much that we were able to bring a new crew here.

“Not only are we supporting the economy of Grand Bahama, but Jamal is also transiting Americans from the things they are accustomed to eating, to now eating the bush food. The reason that bush food is so good is because it comes from God.”

A living testament to the benefits of maintaining a healthy lifestyle Ashay continued, “I used to be 265 pounds, now I weigh 165 pounds.

“We have to learn to eat to live, not eat to celebrate. Every time you look at Bahamians celebrating, notice what they celebrate with. Who taught us to celebrate with death, instead of life? That is why I appreciate what Mr. Moncur is doing, because we are celebrating with life now.”

First time visitor Sherita Jones, one of the participants of this year’s cruise shared how the changed lifestyle was better for her health.

“I suffered from sinus problems and asthma pretty bad, so much so that the doctors were continuously giving me medication. I began searching online for natural ways where I would be able to treat myself, because the medication that the doctors were prescribing had a lot of side-effects. I did my own research and I came across Dr. Sebi. As I continued my research, I came across New Life Natural Vegetation Cell Food Limited and Bolingo (Ashay), and it all came together.

“A year-and-a-half ago, I began doing my research, and for me it was like a reality check. I was very excited when I learned about the cruise and that they would be coming here to New Life Natural Vegetation Cell Food Limited.”

Jones noted that based on her research and lifestyle change, she is no longer on medications prescribed by her doctor for sinus and asthma.

“I have no more sinus problems, no more mucous, no more asthma. I took all dairy out of my diet. I also encouraged my son to do it as well, because he suffered from asthma as well. Now he is playing football, without any problems.

“We have also incorporated the herbs with it and so I came here to learn more about the herbs that are found here. Different places have different herbs, and New Life Natural Vegetation Cell Food Limited has different herbs, so I want to know more about the herbs that are found here. I want to get the most out of life, based on my health.”

Jones shared that this is the first time in Grand Bahama, but noted that it will most definitely not be her last. “I will be here again … I intend to come back every year. We need something like this in the United States, so that we can be healthier. A lot of the herbs that are found here, we do not have in the States. So it was really important for me to come here and find out more about them.”

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