Music Masters artists hopeful of finals’ success

Artist Sugar – Sugar was the first contestant to perform during the Music Masters Semi-Finals on Friday (April 28) at the 2017 Bahamas Junkanoo Carnival on Taino Beach

The 2017 Bahamas Junkanoo Carnival kicked off its Music Masters Competition in Grand Bahama on Friday (April 28) and ended the semi-finalist portion on Saturday (April 29) night on Taino Beach.

Semi-Finalists performed their own original songs on Saturday with the hopes of being one of the 10 songs chosen to advance to the final round in New Providence.

Some of the artists spoke to this daily about their chances in the competition.

The artist known as Sugar informed that she co-wrote the song “Carnival Madness.” She expressed that she had fun performing her signature song, as well as the up-tempo “Carrin On Bad” that she sung on Friday night.

“We received great hospitality since arriving on the island. From we hit the ground, they (the GB people) were treating us so well,” she said.
Artist, Str8 Face said he used as much energy as he could during the performance of his song “Dance In The Rain” however he only scored himself an eight out of 10.

Bantangy told this daily that for her second time competing in Music Masters she had improved.

“I felt accomplished compared to last year because last year, I was not as experienced,” she said.

She added that if her song “Island Party” does not secure her spot in the finals she would still feel good about all of the work she had done. She performed her second song “Dis Ga Be Long” on Saturday night.

Ratrice Moss, also known as Dimples was a first-time performer and she was positive about her stage appearance, singing the song “Emotional High.”
For Patrice Murell, it was about have a good time while performing “Come To Wave” and she felt the goal was achieved.

“I just wanted the crowd to feel my energy and see how much I enjoyed being out there and entertaining the Bahamian people,” she said.
She had another song in the competition called “Your Ting” that she expressed being “very excited to share it with the audience” on Saturday night.
Singer Tebby was also confident in the performance of her song “Burn Up The Sky” and said she hoped the audience enjoyed it.

Ilsha McPhee informed this daily that she performed in last year’s competition as one half of the duo Jive, however her partner could not compete due to school obligations and encouraged her to perform as a solo act. McPhee performed her song “Gimme Dat” for the first time.

Tierra, also known as Thin Ice, stated that she enjoyed performing her party anthem “I Am Da Party” because it portrayed her energetic personality.

The artist Lil Joe Cartwright stated that everyone had a fair chance to win and he was just happy to be able to perform his song “Sweet Carnival.”
Ebony Gibson expressed confidence about her effort of “Road Survivor.”

Artist Bryan Cee admitted he got lost in the moment while performing his song “Going Home.” He plans to compete again next year “if given the chance.”
Carlton Smith also known as Muzikal described his performance on his song “My Carnival” as crazy.

Qpid told this daily that he thought interacting with the crowd was an important aspect of performing his song “Fusion of Vibes” which was a mixture of Bahamian music and Soca.

Lisa Jayne said that her song “Free Whine (wine”) expressed being able to have fun at little to no cost.

“I don’t always have money but I know that if I turn on the radio in my house I could ‘whine (wine)’ and make myself feel better,” she said.

After Saturday night’s performance the contestants moving on to the finals were announced. Bantangy and Patrice Murell made it to the finals with each of their two songs along with, Ebony Gibson, Ilsha Mcphee Lil Joe Cartwright, Muzikal, Qpid, and Sugar.

All of the finalists will be competing for the $20,000 prize in New Providence on Friday (May 5) as they open up for international star Machel Montano.

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