Moxey accepts PLP decision gracefully

Much respect is due to Ginger Moxey. She applied for the Progressive Liberal Party’s nomination for the Central Grand Bahama Constituency, but on Tuesday, she got the official word the decision was to go once more with Senator Julian Russell.


There was no sense of bitterness in her statement of acceptance and one got the feeling that she would, if approached, work just as hard in seeking to propel Senator Russell to parliament.


In defeat, she has indeed accomplished.


Moxey is now prominently entrenched within the PLP family. She has become a face and voice of the future for the party. The likelihood is strong that, if the PLP is successful in retaining governance during the upcoming general elections, a certain Eight Mile Rock, Grand Bahama native will be appointed to the Senate. In any event, even if the PLP is defeated, she is poised for the candidates’ lineup next time around.


It seems Moxey’s ongoing attitude will be in stark contrast to another political lady, and serve as a lesson for others.


Loretta Butler-Turner is now a political arena resident without a party. Once the Deputy Leader of the Free National Movement and presently, the Official Opposition Leader in the House of Assembly, her career has hit a brick wall. Perhaps it would be best for her to swallow her pride, abandon the intent to run as an independent for the Long Island Constituency and make her way back into the FNM fold.


Had she accepted her first defeat at the hands of Dr. Hubert Minnis in convention on November 21, 2014, and worked with him, at this time, she would be casting a large shadow over the political scene in the country. Accordingly, the FNM, as a totally unified organization would be many points up on the government.


As it is, Butler-Turner’s insistence on further challenging Dr. Minnis could lead her into the political wilderness and contribute to a FNM Party defeat at the polls later this year.


It is to Moxey’s credit that she is demonstrating humility and class. She will gain respect, even from those who were strongly opposed to her aggressive efforts in trying to pin down the PLP nomination for Central Grand Bahama.


It is also to Senator Russell’s good fortunate that she has encouraged all those in her corner, to mobilize on behalf of PLP Central Grand Bahama candidate. With her on board, Russell’s campaign figures to be that much more fortified.


Moxey has indeed struck a blow for decency and democracy. She is part of a new breed that gives a nation hope in its politicians.


Published  Thursday, February 9, 2017 


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