Mitchell: ‘I wanted to test the procedure for entering The Bahamas’

ON ARRIVAL – Progressive Liberal Party (PLP) National Chairman, Senator Fred Mitchell (left) and Vice Chairman for Grand Bahama, Julian Sawyer (right) are pictured at the GB International Airport Wednesday morning. (PHOTO COURTESY OF SEN. FRED MITCHELL)

Progressive Liberal Party (PLP) National Chairman Senator Fred Mitchell, is in quarantine at a local Grand Bahama resort after flying in from The United States Wednesday (September 2) morning.

Mitchell, who completed his annual physical at the Mayo Clinic, U.S., in an interview on arrival at the Grand Bahama International Airport, said that he wanted to “test the procedure for entering The Bahamas and for traveling within The Bahamas.

“It is our view that more tweaking needs to be done with the system. For example, I understand that it takes up to two hours when people land here, at this airport, to get the health officials to clear them through.”

He stated that that is unacceptable.

“Then, the question is why is it necessary for someone who has a negative COVID test to be in quarantine?

“It is not necessary,” he added.

Mitchell pointed out that these are questions which public officials ought to be testing across the system.

Another issue he raised was why it appeared as though only representatives of the Opposition cannot travel to their Family Island constituencies, due to the Emergency Order regulations.

“That is an important prohibition on them doing their national work. Therefore, the question is whether, given the fact that the prime minister (Dr. Hubert Minnis) is opening up the country, it is time to look at some issues.

“Lastly, I want to congratulate the business community in Grand Bahama. One hundred and eighty-four business owners forced the government to open this economy and to open it up sustainably and sensibly.

“They said we will have no money if the economy is dead and I am very happy they took that stand, and to say how much we appreciate what they did for GB.

“So, for all of those reasons I am here,” he added.

While on the island, Mitchell noted that he will continue to follow the protocols and rules.

As it related to inter-island travel, prior to traveling, individuals must obtain a negative test result and upon arrival on the other island, submit to mandatory quarantine at a government identified facility or any other facility deemed appropriate by the Ministry of Health.

These provisions do not apply in respect of an emergency, as the operator of an aircraft or vessel transporting freight and passengers, and in regards to travel among certain islands: Chub Cay, Harbour Island, Long Cay, Long Island, Ragged Island, Rum Cay, San Salvador and Spanish Wells.

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