Minnis criticizes PM for lack of action in Fitzgerald’s matter

Leader of the Free National Movement (FNM), Dr. Hubert Minnis is pictured with the five candidates for Grand Bahama at their mass rally on the grounds of A Social Affair Convention Center

Declaring, “It’s the People’s Time,” Dr. Hubert A. Minnis, Leader of the Free National Movement (FNM) outlined reasons why the Bahamian electorate should vote out the Progressive Liberal Party (PLP) led government on May 10, 2017 and wholeheartedly support the FNM Change Team that he opined, would lead The Bahamas into a brilliant future.
Minnis was one of several speakers at the FNM mass rally on the grounds of A Social Affair Convention Center this past Friday, April 21, 2017, which began at 8:30 p.m.
According to Dr. Minnis, the PLP has been engaged in scandal-after-scandal with the most recent being the alleged backdoor dealings of Minister of Education Jerome Fitzgerald, who used his influence to petition former Baha Mar Resorts Ltd. developer Sarkis Izmirlian for contracts to benefit his own  “selfish” and “unconscionable” agenda.
“We now see that Jerome Fitzgerald was not telling the truth about trying to do business at Baha Mar, while he was negotiating on behalf of the Government of The Bahamas.
“He first denied this; however, the truth has come out and he should be fired for what he has done. Unfortunately, however, since (Prime Minister) Perry Christie refuses to fire Fitzgerald then, we need to fire all of them come May 10, 2017 at the polls.
“Tonight, I ask Grand Bahama will you fire the PLP?
“Did Christie know what Fitzgerald was doing as it concerns negotiations at Baha Mar Resort; we know that some other senior PLPs have family business connections at Baha Mar,” Dr. Minnis maintained.
“Certainly, it is poetic justice that the man (Fitzgerald) who read other people’s emails on the floor of the House of Assembly had his own emails leaked.
“Bahamians and FNMs, everywhere, I want you to know that we are different, as the Free National Movement is the party of good governance and public service; yes, we are what true leadership is all about.
“Remember those who seek to lead must first demonstrate that they can serve you; Perry Christie and the PLP have forgotten this as well as the people; not only are they arrogant, but they are full of themselves too,” Dr. Minnis claimed.
Another issue of serious concern brought to bear during Dr. Minnis’ address was Value Added-Taxation (VAT) and claims that there has been a great lack of transparency by the PLP-led Government, in terms of revealing how much has been collected and exactly what the funds have been utilized for.
The FNM leader noted that Parliament is the Bahamian people’s house and the PLP-led Government still work for the people; therefore, when they are told to give an account of the VAT funds collected it should have been done honestly and without hesitation.
Unfortunately, however, Dr. Minnis stated answers were not provided hence come May 10, 2017 he admonished rally attendees to vote them out.
“The Free National Movement is ready to serve the Bahamian people and we are ready to work to put an end to corruption, lies and secret deals.
“Grand Bahama it is now the people’s time so I humbly ask each of you tonight as well as Bahamians everywhere, have you had enough of the PLP-led government with Perry Christie at the helm, who has been the worst, most corrupt and malicious administration since the Bahamas Independence?
“If you are then, you know they have to go!
“My brothers and sisters you simply cannot allow the PLP to get their hands on another dollar of The Bahamian people’s VAT money, as this government has been disastrous in Grand Bahama.
“They talk about “gold,” but instead they have allowed their destructive “rust” stains to be seen all over Grand Bahama; certainly there is nothing new about the PLP hence if you like the state of this island stay with them.
“If you want high crime, lack of jobs, same ole promises, arrogance as well as family, friends and lovers receiving all the benefits,” he added.
“On the other hand if you desire something new, better and that benefits you the people then come with us,” Dr. Minnis promulgated.
Supporters of the FNM as well as those undecided voters all seemed to absorb the information delivered by Dr. Minnis, while weighing the facts carefully in an effort to jump start the change they wish to make in The Bahamas’ governance into the future, brilliant future, which benefits all Bahamians and not a select few.
With Grand Bahama resembling what the FNM describes as an “eerie ghost town” filled with abandoned hotel properties, severe unemployment, hundreds losing their homes, small business operations shutting their doors, cruise ship and airlift arrivals stagnant in Dr. Minnis’ opinion, there is no hope for the future under the governance of the PLP and the situation will become much worse.
“Perry Christie came to Grand Bahama telling you all that he sent Obie Wilchcombe to Canada to negotiate the Heads of Agreement for the Grand Lucayan Resort, which was a bunch of nonsense,” Dr. Minnis alleged. “The PLP is responsible for the loss of thousands of hotel jobs here in Grand Bahama; your FNM has definitely created a plan that would touch the lives of all Bahamians hence I invite all of you to visit our website ourfnm.org and carefully consider our manifesto.
“The PLP plan is simple; make more, issue more promises and hope the Bahamian people forget about their mismanagement, recklessness and incompetence.
“The Grand Bahama Port Authority Investment Incentives Act 2016 better known as the “Job Killing” Bill, will be disastrous for all here in Grand Bahama, as it is indeed unfair for the GBPA and its companies to be exempted from paying Real Property Tax for 20 years, while all GBPA Licensees must apply to government and then, be exempted for only five years,”Dr. Minnis maintained.
“Is it fair that the GBPA and all their companies are automatically exempt and do not have to pay, meanwhile the ordinary businessman must go crawling on their knees to beg the government?
“Yes all of this wrong and upon being elected to office the FNM will work immediately to repeal this provision putting an end to Grand Bahama’s neglect ensuring that Freeport once again thrives,” declared Dr. Minnis.
Armed with a world-class Change Team, which comprises of Deputy Leader K. Peter Turnquest for East Grand Bahama; Michael Pintard for Marco City; Rev. Frederick McAlpine for Pineridge; Iram Lewis for Central Grand Bahama and Pakesia Parker-Edgecombe for West Grand Bahama and Bimini, Dr. Minnis said, they intend to eliminate all preferential treatment, government bureaucracy, neglect as it relates to Grand Bahama receiving international exposure by establishing investment promotions making things easy for everyone.
Education also plays a vital role in the FNM plans for the redevelopment of Grand Bahama and The Bahamas at large with the University of The Bahamas, Bahamas Technical and Vocational Institute, the Hotel Training College campuses and curriculum all being expanded, Dr. Minnis revealed.
Candidly addressing a laundry list of other concerns Dr. Minnis encouraged all to vote out the PLP, give their unwavering support to the FNM and all its candidates so that they can have a bright and brilliant future.

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