Marina collapses at Marketplace

MARINA COLLAPSES – The marina at the Port Lucaya Marketplace, in the vicinity of Reef Tours and the straw market, collapsed Tuesday afternoon. Fortunately, no one was injured.

Marina operator Preben Olsen said that workmen are moving quickly to clean up debris left behind Tuesday (September 15) afternoon, after a major portion of the marina collapsed.

A video and photos of the damage at the Port Lucaya Marketplace Marina, in the vicinity of Reef Tours and the straw market, made rounds via social media.

When this daily’s team arrived, the area was already cordoned off and workers were clearing away the debris and several individuals were milling about.

Confirming that the facility has been closed since March of this year, due to the worldwide pandemic, COVID-19, Olsen said that fortunately, no one was injured.

“There was no activity, we had no customers, there were no boats in the marina,” he added, noting that the first order of business is cleaning up the area.

“Right now, the area is being cleaned up so we don’t have any environmental issues.

“Secondly, we then have to make plans. We have to have structural engineers to come in and design what needs to be done and of course, it will be fixed.

“We are kind of lucky that it’s a quiet time right now. We have no customers right now. So, that’s very lucky,” said Olsen.

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