Logos Hope crew impressed with residents’ reception

Logos Hope, Communications Manager Daniela Cala Lara said that the public positively received the vessel’s Book Fair and the ship’s crew was excited to serve Grand Bahama. Cala Lara is pictured explaining one of the many features of the vessel, during an interview with this daily. (PHOTOS:

Logos Hope, Communications Manager Daniela Cala Lara said that the public positively received the vessel’s Book Fair and the ship’s crew was excited to serve Grand Bahama.

Speaking with this daily on Thursday (August 3), Cala Lara noted that the ship’s visit to the island, which began on July 28 was expected to end on Sunday August 6, 2017.

Logos Hope is a part of an organization called GBA Ships that started in 1970 and it is the fourth ship.

“Logos Hope’s goal or purpose is to share knowledge help and hope with people of the world and that’s what we have been doing since 2009,” she said.

She added that the ship was bought in 2004, then it was upgraded to have a visitor’s deck then they set sail in 2009 from Copenhagen, Denmark.

Cala Lara stated that the public’s response has been great.

“The response from the public has been great especially regarding events,” she said.

She added that the array of events consisted of a cultural display called ‘Around the World,’ a women’s conference, a youth event called ‘Worth the Fight,’ which took place on Saturday, August 5 and the ‘Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe,’ a family event, which was on Sunday, August 6.

Cala Lara stated that many children from various summer camps and families frequented the ship and she felt, generally, they enjoyed the visit.

“I heard someone from the ‘Around the World’ event, where we talked about the different needs in the world like the refugee crisis or just highlighting different things in the world, and she said it was inspiring to hear about it and to know that we must all be aware of these things,” she said.

Cala Lara also discussed their relationship with various sponsors.

“We have an advanced preparation team that comes before hand, sometimes three months before the ship arrives, to prepare everything, to talk to people, to share their vision and get some people to sponsor us,” she explained.

She added that they also have teams that support local organizations such as the Young Men's Christian Association (YMCA) and the Royal Bahamas Police Force Camp, to create a long-term impact.

Cala Lara revealed that Logos chooses which ports to visit along their international route, with the help of surveyors who visit the ports before the advance team.

She informed this daily that they must be invited by the government officials, of each country, before they decide to come.
Logos Hope ship has more than 500 titles and over 800,000 books in its storage or book hold. These books include books for recreational reading, professional references, personality and individual development and books talking about different global cultures.

Cala Lara also explained the unique pricing system on the ship. Prices are listed as units, which would be the equivalent of the country’s currency, for example in Grand Bahama 100 units equals $2.45.

“Since we move from port-to-port we can’t just change prices all the time,” she said.

Along with being a book library and store, the Logos Hope also contributes by helping to build houses and donating essential provisions to the many under-privileged countries where it makes a port call.

The MV Logos ship has in its seven years of existence visited around 158 countries and has till now benefited over 40 million people.

This ship hosts about 400 volunteers from over 60 countries including the Bahamas.

“We have different programs, we have people that come for three months for a short term exposure program, we have people that come for one year, people that come for two years and others that decided to stay for longer periods of time,” she said.

The ship also has various event spaces along with an international café, which helps people to connect with one another.
Cala Lara finally expressed that Logos wants to provoke visitors’ thoughts on their own personal journey through life.

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