Turnquest urge Bahamians not to lose focus

K. Peter Turnquest

Speaking exclusively with this daily at the Annual Coconut Festival celebration held in Pelican Point on East Monday, Deputy Leader of the Free National Movement (FNM) K. Peter Turnquest, Member of Parliament for East Grand Bahama not only shared what can be expected from his party over the next month and beyond, but he also urged Bahamians not to lose focus as the country prepares for the 2017 General Election.


“As you know we are getting into the height of the election season, we have basically three weeks to go. The party is ramping up its activities; you will soon see all of the sign and the posters.


“One of the things that I want to say to the residents is, not to lose focus; this election is not all about the hype, this is about substance. 


Turnquest encouraged all registered voters to make a conscious decision, which is their democratic right. 


“You must listen and evaluate what is being offered; look at the past five years and make a decision. Are you happy with what you have; if you are not happy with what you have then you have to make a change. 


“If you decide to make a change, then there are two choices that you have to make; out of those two choices you have to decide who you think is going to be able to form the next government of The Bahamas. A vote for the other one is a waste of time and you may end up with exactly what you have. At the end of the day you have two choices, do you like what you have or do you want a change?” questioned Turnquest.  


Noting that the FNM is focused, Turnquest said, “We are looking at and being very cautious about how we spend money, and how we appear to the public; because we know that people are hurting. It would be a slap in the face, quite frankly, for the party to be out spending a “heap” of money, while people still have tarps on their roofs, mortgages are in arrears and people are losing their homes.


“People are hungry and all of the rest of it and so, we have made some deliberate decisions about how far we want to go with this campaign. But we will get our message out and we will be talking with people over the next couple of weeks, putting out our plan for Grand Bahama and for The Bahamas.”


He called on the present government to be truthful with issues that affect Bahamians regarding the economy, among other relevant plans and negotiations. 


“Grand Bahama over the last five years, as you know, has suffered greatly; the hurricane was sort of the icing on the cake, which took us right over the edge. Contrary to what has been announced in the last week or so about a sale of resort property, I am understanding that that may not have happened. 


“We call upon the government to be truthful with the Bahamian people, particularly in this time; this is no time for empty promises. We call upon the government at this time, to show proof that there was a Letter of Intent (LOI) and tell us what was the result of that meeting that they had supposedly travelled for in Canada.


“The Bahamian people are in too vulnerable a state to be toying with emotions at this point. We need real solutions for real problems,” concluded Turnquest. 



Published  Thursday, April 20, 2017 


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