Students benefit from two day College Preparedness Workshop

Matthew Munroe (left) and Dazure Nicolls (right) agreed that the College Preparedness Workshop was very beneficial.

Nearly 40 high school students participated in the free two-day College Preparedness Workshop held at the Sir Charles Hayward Library on Tuesday, an event coordinated with the library, College Ready Bahamas and Education USA.

In an effort to give participants’ one-on-one knowledge of college life and what to expect during the transition into tertiary education, participants noted that they were extremely pleased at the wealth of knowledge they received and are even more enthused about experiencing college than they were prior to the workshop.

Matthew Munroe shared that he was extremely impressed with the information disseminated on the first day of the workshop and was looking forward to the second day of his college preparation course.

“The workshop is something that I was not used to, with all of the Skype video conferencing and interaction; it was very brand-new, unique, creative and innovative, especially the fact that we were able to have a really personal conversation with the representatives from the universities.
“I think that it is really groundbreaking and I think that it is something that should be very adaptive, that anyone who is planning on having another college fair should really bring to the table,” expressed Munroe.

As he is entering his final year of high school in September, Munroe shared that his experience yesterday broadened his interest in prospective colleges to pursue in the very near future. “I am looking at a few universities but Western Kentucky University (WKU) really surprised me with the programs that they offer. It broadened my interest even more, for me to look forward to attending WKU.

“I plan on pursing my Bachelor’s degree in communication and possibly pursing a career in football as well. If that does not work out, I have my back-up plan of becoming a sports analyst.”

To persons that may be interested in attending the Summer College Planning Workshop Munroe advised, “This is something that you should really take advantage of; this is something that comes by very rarely and it is also something that you should take very seriously.

“I will admit, that it took me a while to get serious about my education, and realize that for me to have an education is something that is really serious and will help to build a better future for me. Now, I am really serious, really working hard and this is something that persons should really take advantage of, right now, before they enter senior high, especially their 11th and 12 grades of high school.”

Dazure Nicolls also shared her thoughts on the workshop, revealing that she too was impressed with information they were made privy to.
“Yesterday we heard from two colleges, WKU and Florida International University (FIU). WKU sounds like more of a small school, and going into the 11th grade of Bishop Michael Eldon School (BMES) I really want to pick a school now so that I can identify my goals and find out exactly what I am looking forward to.

“Hearing from the different colleges really allows you to see what you want out of a college and it allows you to think about what you really want, at a place that you will be spending four years,” said Nicolls.

“Learning about scholarships, the requirements, for example how many BGCSE’s are needed, is really what we are learning about right now. Hearing from FIU, which is a really good school, it is probably one of my number one picks right now.

“I am really looking forward to hearing from the University of South Florida (USF), which is another good pick for me. I know that I want to be an engineer; I know that I need an ‘A’ in physics and chemistry, so finding schools like that, that are number one in these subject areas is important.
“I am also a track and field athlete so finding a division one school that showcases track and field is something that I really look forward to. I am really looking for a good balance and hearing from representatives of the schools is really giving me a good idea on where I want to go.”

Her advice to others interested in attending, “ For those who want to go off, not wanting to stay here and want to go abroad is what has a lot of people here. Everyone is really interested and wants to come back; it is only a two-day program, but everyone wants to come for the next session as well.”

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