Royal Bahamas Police Force GB receives new cars, motorcycles

BLESSING — Bishop Godfrey Williams blessed the new vehicles that were commission for the Grand Bahama Police Force at a ceremony earlier in the week. At left acting Chief Commissioner in charge of Grand Bahama Samuel Butler. (PHOTO: JENNEVA RUSSELL)

The Grand Bahama Department of the Royal Bahamas Police Force got early Christmas gifts.

Earlier this week, Wednesday, December 5, 25 vehicles, 15 cars ad 10 motorcycles, were commissioned and blessed at the Gerald Bartlett Compound.

With proposed drivers in place, Bishop Godfrey Williams from Jubilee Cathedral walked around each vehicle and sprinkled water as an eternal spiritual covering.

“To God be the glory for the great things He has done.

“Today I want to say how pleased we are for the opportunity in terms of commissioning these vehicles on behalf of our dear Police Force we have here in Grand Bahama. They are doing an excellent job of promotion.

“Grand Bahama will indeed lead the way when it comes to the downturn of crime.

“We all can agree there have been a downturn when it comes to crime, not only here in Grand Bahama but in The Bahamas. We are going to be the ones here as an example for all the other islands in The Bahamas because crime is all of our concern not just the police.

“If every citizen from West End to East End, and Central Grand Bahama comes onboard we will see a crime-free Grand Bahama, because when one is hurt, we all are hurt.”

“So, I pray this afternoon now that God has blessed us with vehicles, and they can drive from East to West End. But we as the community are inviting every member of Grand Bahama to come on board, to pray for our police officers, to turn in all the criminals to stop hiding and covering crime,” said the bishop.

Assistant Commissioner of Police, Northern Bahamas, Samuel Butler brought remarks.

“We are more than delighted that the vehicles have arrived just in time. We know that the holiday season is upon us, and we certainly need to put more efforts into policing and making police presence felt within our community,” he said.

Promoting the vision of creating safer communities, ACP Butler stated that the fleet of vehicles and motorcycles will help in carrying through with that vision.

“We know that we have had several tragedies on our roads, but the fleet of motorcycles will help us in bringing awareness to the motoring public so that they drive a little more cautious and obey the rules of the road.”

Butler expressed thanks to Bishop Williams for assisting them and offering prayers for the safety of the vehicles.

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