Police beefing up presence for the holiday

Enforcing and ensuring safety this Sir Randol Fawkes and Whit Monday holiday weekend, is the primary focus of Royal Bahamas Police Force (RBPF) officers, who have already engaged in Operation ‘All Out Blitz” which began Friday, May 31.

The special operation is centred around the Road Traffic Department and Mobile Division, targeting areas of Grand Bahama to protect the streets from acts of violence, accidents and fatal injuries.

While police presence and procedures have been continuous, Officer-in-Charge of Traffic Division, Superintendent Jeremy Henfield explained motorists should remain aware and alert.

“Just like we have done in the past during the holiday time, we would be pretty much doing the same thing. The only difference is, we will be having officers strategically cover all of the major thoroughfares at the same time.

“What you will see happening is at every major corridor, there will be two motorcycles along with a patrol unit for mobile … their job would be to just patrol that corridor.

“Today, we will start with this ‘Blitz’ and if anyone passes this road, it is a must you will see the mobile and the traffic units on the streets of Grand Bahama. We have to stay on the streets, we want to be seen,” Supt. Henfield stated.

‘‘We are doing stop and search. We have some blatant offenders and we have to let them know that the police are here and we are watching.

“We want to send out a strong message because without us doing what we are doing, we stand a chance of maybe my loved one or your loved one not coming home because someone decides that they are going to have a drink and just disregard the traffic laws,” he added.

“We have to let people know we are here, we can’t stay in the office and do that; so, we have to be on the streets. They have to see us, they have to feel us.”

Areas to be covered include, but are not limited to Coral Road, East Sunrise and The Mall. A unit is also assigned to Garnet Levarity Highway, just at the opening of Eight Mile Rock.

Supt. Henfield noted that the ‘All Out Blitz’ is a something necessary, as it has caused the decline in accidents since 2018.

“This is something that is necessary, we have to do this. I can tell you that as it relates to accidents and fatalities, we are doing reasonably well. We are down from the statistics this same time last year.

“Accidents have dropped, the injuries have dropped and it is simply because of what we are doing today. We have to stay on the streets in order to keep the offenders at bay,” Supt. Hanna expressed, “or to help them not to break laws and until then the police have to be seen.”

He added, “We have some very good drivers out there and in short order the Road Traffic Division will be rewarding good drivers, and we don’t want to seem that every time you see us we are issuing a ticket.

“But we hope with this initiative persons take it positively and work with us,” Supt. Henfield concluded.

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