Organizations take advantage of AML’s ‘Let’s talk Health’ initiative

CANCER SOCIETY GB BRANCH – Members of the Cancer Society of The Bahamas, Grand Bahama Branch took advantage of the Abaco Markets Limited, ‘Let’s talk Health’ initiative held recently at Solomons Lucaya. Pictured left to right are Wardrina Wright, Treasurer, Cancer Society, GB Branch; Vernitta Russell, Member, Cancer Society, GB Branch and Lyndette Curtis, Vice President, Cancer Society, GB Branch. (PHOTOS: JAIMIE SMITH)

During the recent Abaco Markets Limited (AML) Foods Initiative ‘Let’s talk Health,’ with particular emphasis on cancer prevention, a number of local organizations were welcomed to participate, including the Cancer Society, Grand Bahama Branch, the LIONS Club of Grand Bahama, as well as the fitness program, Cardioblast Experience, spearheaded by fitness expert Tarantae “Coach T” Laing.

Representatives from each of the organizations previously mentioned shared their thoughts on being a part of the event, which was held at the Solomon’s Lucaya location on February 3.

Lafayette Dorsett Jr., Grand Bahama Lucaya LIONS Club president acknowledged the significance of he and some of his members attending and participating in the event.

“It is always important for us to take part in events such as this because this is what we do; we serve; that is our motto. We are always out in the community, serving those less fortunate. Our number one objective is to rid the world of sight problems; that is what our focus is on within the LIONS Club.

“We also focus on other aspects of health, such as glucose screening and we try to encourage persons to eat healthy and keep their sugar level at a minimum.”

Dorsett noted that the club also offers eye testing, but not on such a scale as that of the glucose testing.

“Everything is free; we are a non-profit organization. We give our time, free of charge to help others. If we can help one person to maintain sight, I believe that we would have done a good job.

Laing, Manager, nutrition advisor and fitness professional said, “It was important for us to be here today, simply for the fact that I am the nutrition advisor and consultant for AML Foods.

“We offer the ‘Let’s Talk Health’ sessions twice a week between the hours of noon to 2:00 p.m. On Tuesdays I am at their Queens Highway location and on Thursdays I am at their Lucaya location, pretty much giving health tips, recommending options on healthy eating habits. It is very important for me to be here today, to provide this type of support to a company that contracts me on a regular basis. I really believe in what they are trying to do when it comes to the community, to encourage persons to live healthier.”

Questioned how the response has been, thus far, with respect to the weekly ‘Let’s talk Health’ sessions, Laing answered, “When it comes to the ‘Let’s talk Health’ sessions, we have been having excellent turnouts. What we try to do each week is to have a different lineup of fruits and vegetables that we focus on. “We encourage persons to try and live a little bit healthier. Each month we focus on a different theme. For example, in December we decided to focus on better substitutes for living a healthier lifestyle; better substitutes for the typical Christmas dinner, instead of having things such as Potato Salad and Coleslaw. We shared with them great substitutes such as stir fried vegetables or mashed sweet potatoes and things of that sort,” stated the fitness expert.

Lyndette Curtis, Cancer Society GB Branch vice president said, “This is an opportunity for us, where we can actually talk to patients about cancer prevention and how your lifestyle plays an important part in that initiative.

“One of the things that we at the Cancer Society focus on is that early detection saves lives. We want persons to know that once they are diagnosed early, treatment can take place; on top of that you can have a better prognosis at the end of the day.”

Curtis revealed that it is the Society’s aim to encourage persons to take advantage of cancer screening and testing.

“For breast exams we encourage persons to do that monthly, even with your pap smears, those can be done on an annual basis. Once you do that, anything that you know to be abnormal, there is a chance more or less of correcting that. That is why we push the importance of why women should have pap smears, why they should have mammograms and why they should do self breast exams, in order to prevent anything from taking place. Even if you notice something you can actually take action. That is the reason we are here, pushing lifestyle prevention and basically getting your pap smears, mammograms and prostrate examinations regularly,” added the vice president.

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