“Nothing has changed,” says Bahamas Nurses Union President

AMANCHA WILLIAMS Bahamas Nurses Union, President

Candidly speaking with this daily back in May of this year about nurses’ concerns which were not met for some time and a rumored sick-out by staged by the health care professionals throughout the country, Bahamas Nurses Union (BNU) President, Amancha Williams, told The Freeport News yesterday that nothing has changed.

Addressing the grievances nurses within the country have faced, for well over two years, Williams claimed Friday (August 3) morning, “We have been to the table and nothing has been done since then.

Alleging that unpaid overtime payments, hurricane payments, allowance, mileage, post graduate courses, among other monies owed to the nurses are just a few of the many concerns, Williams is calling on the government to address them and bring resolution, once and for all.

She said that the back-and-forth debacle must come to an end and nurses must be paid what they are due.

“We have to be honest. I am calling on the Government of the Commonwealth of The Bahamas to be truthful. You have seen our roughness with these people; you think if they are treating us like that, that they wouldn’t treat you like that, if you are working for the government system?

“We have been sitting, begging for money and every time they come up with everything to knock us down and putting us in a hole, telling us to stay there,” Williams maintained. “That is terrible. We have worked for it; where else should we take it if we cannot take it to the government and get it resolved?

“Where else/” she questioned. “If we cannot get an issue resolved, if we go to the government and the government is failing us, why are we putting these people in that are failing us? They are taking the rights of the Bahamian people. What are our rights?

“I go to the government, I sit to the Tribunal, I go to the courts; what else do I do for the people?” asked the BNU president.

“You don’t want us to strike, but there is no solution. You tell us to come this month, it still isn’t finished, you say come next month, still not finished. How many months should we slave and toil for what we have already worked hard for?” continued Williams.

The BNC president said that members of the BNC throughout the Commonwealth remain resolute to bring all outstanding matters concerning their salaries that remain in arrears and other concerns that they have with respect to their conditions to a close.

Claiming that she has communicated with Prime Minister Dr. Hubert Minnis with respect to the indecent treatment of nurses throughout the country, Williams maintained that she is expected to meet with him early next week.

“I have spoken to the prime minister, last night. The prime minister said leave it alone and he will see us on Wednesday. He told me that he will talk to his ministers, get an understanding and speak to us on Wednesday. I am leaving it alone.

“I am trusting in the good faith of our prime minister, that is why we elected him and others, trusting that this country will be run properly,” said Williams.

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