Local shipping agent assists with Bahamas Samaritan’s Feet initiative

Seacor Island Lines, LLC has once again lent a helping hand to a worthy cause, by doing their part to assist in having a large quantity of brand-new shoes, shipped to the island of Grand Bahama, for distribution to students enrolled in public schools in East Grand Bahama.

The local shipping company again partnered with pastor Eddie Victor and the Bahamas Samaritan’s Feet Initiative, to ensure that the shoes which were sponsored by Mutual Believer’s Credit Union out of Atlanta, Georgia were shipped to Grand Bahama.

Pastor Victor expressed sincere gratitude and appreciation to Seacor Island Lines, LLC and their entire staff, as well as the Bahamas Customs Department, for processing the shipment of donated shoes.

“We also thank the Ministry of Finance for their part in the processing of the shoes through the Bahamas Customs Department.

“This outreach was conducted with the Ministry of Education, Mutual Believers Credit Union, the sponsors of the shoes and the team of Samaritan’s Feet Bahamas.

The donated shoes arrived on Grand Bahama on October 31, 2018 and were distributed on November 2, 2018 to East End Preschool School, East End Primary, East End Junior High, Sweeting Cay All Age School and Grand Cay All Age. During the distribution each child received personal attention and encouragement,” shared Victor.

“Over the past four years, Samaritan’s Feet Bahamas has distributed thousands of shoes in The Bahamas.”

In July 2014 Samaritan’s Feet Bahamas distributed one thousand pairs of shoes to students in the city of Freeport, while in December 2015 and June 2018 all students of West End Primary and Holmes Rock Primary Schools respectively, received brand-new footwear.

Office Manager of Seacor Island Lines, LLC Freeport office, Nicole Rahming shared that the company was indeed pleased and more than willing to do their part in assisting Samaritan’s Feet Bahamas with their outreach programme, again.

“Seacor Island Lines believes in helping organizations such as Samaritan’s Feet in their mission to help the less fortunate and people that are in need.

“When these organizations reach out to us we do our best to assist as much as we can. Therefore, we wish Samaritan’s Feet and its partners success and hope that others will come on-board to help out and lend assistance to them,” concluded Rahming.

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