FGC student Moss II donates books to the Lula Knowles Pediatric Ward

Freeport Gospel Chapel Gr. 6 student Duran Moss Jr. (left) donated books to the Lula M. Knowles Pediatric Ward at the Rand Memorial Hospital on Wednesday January 18

Freeport Gospel Chapel Grade 6 student Duran Moss Jr. donated books to the Lula M. Knowles Pediatric Ward at the Rand Memorial Hospital on Wednesday, January 18, 2017 bringing smiles to the faces of little patients, who love nurses and visiting family and friends reading stories, which is believed to help them recover faster.


Pediatric Unit Supervisor Nurse Sharon Roye-Garvey graciously accepted the books donated by Moss, who stated, “My parents Duran Sr. and Camia have taught me to be a blessing to others as well as to encourage the spirit of the downtrodden and this is exactly why I decided to donate books to the Rand Memorial Hospital’s Pediatric Ward.


“Children that have been admitted to the pediatric ward receive good care, however no one wants to be sick let alone be admitted to the hospital for treatment.


“Oftentimes for children as well as their parents being separate can cause serious anxiety especially if the patients are praying to not only get well sooner but also at very least to engage in enjoyable activities like reading or watching cartoons like they do at home.


“With this in mind, I decided to donate several Looney Tunes books featuring stories of Tweety Bird, Sylvester, Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck that the nurses or visitors can read to them that could help the little patients get well much faster.”


Nurse Roye-Garvey thanked young Moss for his generosity and kindness, noting that the books will be read to the little patients, which should make them feel more comfortable as well as get well quickly.


Encouraging others to emulate the example set by the young sixth grader, the Pediatric Unit Supervisor said, “Definitely, it is a joy to have young Mr. Moss donate these books to the ward for the reading enjoyment of our little patients.


“Certainly, young Mr. Moss serves as an inspiration to youth and children everywhere who may want to give back to the community but have no clue how to go about doing so, hence this provides them with a great idea.


“The nurses working on the pediatric ward as well as the children admitted they will use these books to read for their reading pleasure and to read to the younger patients and again we encourage others to do the same,” said Nurse Roye-Garvey.


Proud of her son, the sixth grader’s mother Camia said it is an honor to see her child extend his hand of charity to the pediatric ward, to aid the recovery process of the kids admitted, who miss their parents and siblings as well as long to engage in normal activities like reading and enjoy a kid-friendly life.


“Duran wants to start a book drive to provide age-appropriate reading material for children not only here at the pediatric ward but others throughout the community; his father and I will support him with the venture.


“I am proud of him and I know he will continue to do well,” said Mrs. Moss.


Published  Friday, January 20, 2017 


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