A warm gesture

WARM DONATION – Members of the Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority’s Pi Upsilon Omega Chapter donated a number of blankets to three local organizations. The Grand Bahama Health Services, The Kidney Centre and Ray Bertha’s Senior Citizens Centre were the recipients of the kind gesture. The distribution of blankets took place on March 1. (PHOTO: JAIMIE SMITH)

Members of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority’s Pi Upsilon Omega Chapter donated a number of blankets to three local organizations on March 1, as part of their outreach program. The recipients of the nearly 40 plush blankets included Grand Bahama Health Services, The Kidney Centre and the Ray Bertha’s Senior Citizens Centre.

President of the Pi Upsilon Omega Chapter, Kimberley Miller expressed to the representatives of each of the entities that it was the chapter’s honour, to facilitate the distribution of blankets for their clients to utilize.

“We are a service based organization that likes to do whatever it is that we can to provide service to all mankind. We thought about the particular needs within the community at this particular time, through our ‘Seasonal Wraps’ community initiative. This was an opportunity for us to partner with the community.

“These blankets did not come from us; they were from personal drives that we did through Kelly’s Freeport Limited, where members of the community would purchase a blanket and contribute to our drive. Please know that as we are the facilitators of these gifts for you, that it is truly the members and residents of Grand Bahama Island, that have partnered with us in order to do it for you.

“Please take it to each of your respective areas; know that the warmth comes from us, all of the women here, the Pi Upsilon Omega ladies of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority Incorporated. Thank you for giving us this opportunity to serve you,” stated Miller.

Spokespersons from the respective organizations expressed their sincere gratitude to the sorority for their kind gesture.

Sharon Williams, Administrator, Grand Bahama Health Services said, “Definitely, GBHS is always excited to partner with the various organizations within Grand Bahama, to assist in providing support in health care for our clientele.

“The admission rate for our Accident and Emergency (A&E) room, maternity ward, pediatric ward and the entire hospital is extensive, in terms of the number of persons coming in through the organization on a daily basis. Definitely our consumption of sheets, blankets and pillow cases are astronomical. Every little help that we can get, in terms of replacement and support for these services is always greatly appreciated.”

Jenny Laing, Social Worker, with The Kidney Center stated, “On behalf of the patients, management and staff of The Kidney Center, I would like to say a great big thank you to the Alpha Kappa Alpha Pi Upsilon Omega Chapter for these wonderful blankets. We greatly appreciate them.”

Albertha Hudson, Proprietor, Ray Bertha’s Senior Citizens Center expressed, “This is a good gesture from the AKA Sorority; it makes me feel proud. I do not see many organizations here so I am truly honored to have been chosen.

She shared that the blankets will indeed go a long way and will benefit the persons residing at her center greatly.

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