SPECIAL DONATION – The GB Children’s Home, Jack Hayward Senior High School, the Cancer Society and Reach Out Youth Program were recipients of $20,000 in donations from Chances to assist with their community programmes. (PHOTO: JENNEVA RUSSELL)

Chances Games/Jarol Invest-ments Limited continue to fulfill its commitment to community service through financial assistance to several local organizations, which totaled $20,000.

During a press conference held at Chances’ Logwood Road location on Thursday (October 11), where the organizations were presented with the donations.

The company’s Marketing Director, Karen Wilson stated that they were dividing the large sum between four organizations.

“Reach Out Youth Organ-ization (ROYO) will get $2,000 to go towards their Breakfast Programme; Jack Hayward Senior High School (JHSHS) Agricultural Department will get $5,000; the Cancer Society of the Bahamas, Grand Bahama Branch will get $8,000 and the Grand Bahama Children’s Home (GBCH), which he (R. H. Culmer, CEO) holds dearly, because of the children and knows how hard it is to survive, will get $5,000,” she revealed.

Wilson added that the Home received $7,000 from the company last August and they also made a donation of $7,000 to the Red Cross.

She noted that Chances/Jarol Investments’ proprietor and his team decided to donate funds to certain organizations and continue that tradition every two to three months.

“He knows how hard it is in Grand Bahama today,” said Wilson.

She revealed that Culmer specifically chose JHSHS after reading a news story in The Freeport News, about the Agricultural Department’s 27 piglets.

“I asked him where’s the letter that they sent for the donation and he said, Karen they didn’t send me a letter. He reads The Freeport News every morning,” she added.

After reading the story, Culmer was motivated to make a donation. particularly because he believes in the importance of farming.

Senior Master and Supervisor for the JHSHS Agricultural Department, Vincent Rolle, who accepted the gift on behalf of the school, thanked Culmer for the donation.

“I want to say thank you for this enormous contribution, the help is certainly something that we needed,” he said.

Rolle furthered that this agricultural initiative at the school is a part of the department’s goal to become a feeder school for the Bahamas Agricultural and Marine Science Institute (BAMSI).

“We recognize that feeding the nation is the responsibility of a country and we also realize that agriculture is extremely important if that is going to happen,” he said.

Rolle noted that the school wants to encourage an interest among the youth towards agriculture. He revealed that the department has had some success in growing a variety of crops and raising livestock such as chickens, ducks, goats and pigs.

Rolle invited members of the public to visit the school’s Agricultural Department and expressed that anyone who wants to make a contribution to the department is welcome to do so.

President of the Grand Bahama Cancer Society, Lorrine Miller revealed that they have already received several donations from Jarol Investments this year. She expressed how appreciative they were of Chances/Jarol Investments.

“We want to say a big thank you once again for always coming to the aid of cancer patients and their families because this is what the money goes to,” she said.

She noted that funds are always needed in the organization.

“We appreciate it because Cancer seems to be at an all-time high in Grand Bahama and the funds don’t come fast enough before two or three persons come knocking on our door,” she said.

President of ROYO, Dudley Seide, also voiced his gratitude to Culmer and his company. “We want to say a special thank you to Mr. R. H. Culmer.”

Seide stated that Culmer has adopted ROYO and is always there when the organization needs him.

He noted that ROYO conducts a Breakfast Programme, where they feed about 80 - 100 children before they go to school and the donation will be a major help in keeping that initiative going.

Assistant Administrator of the GBCH, Enzy Jones thanked Culmer on behalf of the Home. She noted that the donations greatly help them to keep the Home running and take care of the children that reside there.

“We are grateful for it. We have children at the home who have needs and we take care of them just like they’re ours,” she said.

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