Local noted physician shares plans to assist Dominica

Love covers all and Dr. Ra-Jah Jahovah Rupert Roopi is encouraging the citizenry of The Bahamas to demonstrate charity and human kindness toward Dominica in the aftermath of Hurricane Maria, which devastated the southern Caribbean nation nearly two weeks ago.

Passionately committing his plans to the Lord and thus being inspired to deliver much-needed aid to the people of Dominica, Dr. Roopi stated, “Initially, I was inspired to accept three children from Dominica preferably from the same household along with their parents into my home.

“Furthermore, I wanted to send them to an appropriate school even if it was a private school and pay the tuition myself, which I thought it to be my singular reaction to the devastation in Dominica.

“Indeed, I have personal historic relations with Dominica in that I visited the country twice in my youth and my eldest daughter Adama, who attended St. Vincent de Paul School became very close with her teachers Mr. and Mrs. Lavineir as well as their children, who are Dominican natives,” he disclosed.

“During the time of St. Vincent de Paul School impending closure Mr. and Mrs. Lavineir and their children decided to relocate to the United States of America and we (Dr. Roopi and Adama’s mother) allowed Adama to go along with them to complete her Catholic education.

“Of course, she also traveled back-and-forth with them to Dominica and I had the opportunity to visit them on several occasions.

“Additionally, my daughter Anya attended medical school at University of the West Indies (UWI), Barbados and her grades fell resulting in her having to change school and the only ones available were Ross University or All Saints University – both of which were located in Dominica and she spent three years there.

“Of course, Hurricane Erika (2015) destroyed the campus then, and Hurricane Maria left Dominica completely devastated; literally the Holy Spirit sat me down and told me it is time to put my money where my mouth is. Hence, in addition to accepting three children and their family, I have been inspired to travel to Dominica view the situation myself, make introductions with the family and provide aid on the ground.”

Respected worldwide for being a medical genius and a man of compassion, who is always willing to assist the disenfranchised, Dr. Roopi subscribes to the adage, “All of we are one,” and believes it is the duty of all Caribbean nations to lend aid to one another in whatever way possible.

Furthermore, he noted that oftentimes when aid and financial assistance is donated to countries devastated by natural occurrences very little makes it to those negatively impacted.

“Government aid is known not to trickle down to those who need it most and an example of this is the fact that right here in Grand Bahama and The Bahamas, at large, we still have people, who have not gotten the assistance they needed following Hurricane Matthew (2016) in spite of the fact that lots of aid in terms of materials, supplies and funds were sent here.
“Personally, I have witnessed firsthand on a visit to Haiti to rebuild churches in the aftermath of a hurricane that donations being sent by numerous churches and civic organizations worldwide, were not being received by those in need and the same occurred in Africa.

“Back then, when I donated funds to an organization in Africa to bring aid to starving children and their families, it was discovered every dollar sent was going elsewhere, instead of those in need and they used the funds to live the life of Riley driving around in Range Rovers.

“So, I believe that the best way for persons who have experienced such disasters and are in dire need of assistance to actually get it, the donor should deliver funds, materials and supplies one-on-one.

“The Holy Spirit has inspired me to form an NGO (non-governmental organization) titled B.A.D.D (Brotherly Ambassadors Dads to Dominica). I believe, in the first instances men should go and I am trying to get 10 good men to go with me carrying $5,000 - $10,000 each, to give to appropriate persons mano-a-mano rather than sending funds through various agencies and not being sure if those in need receive it,” Dr. Roopi said.

Daily the situation in Dominica is unraveling, according to the observations made by international media reports and citizens run the risk of becoming gravely ill due to water contamination, illnesses and malnourishment as well as the educational stability of students across the island nation has been jeopardized.

In light of all of these facts, Dr. Roopi revealed he is traveling to Dominica not only to lend financial aid, but also medical assistance.

Applauding Prime Minister of the Commonwealth of The Bahamas Dr. Hubert A. Minnis,; Bahamas Union of Teachers (BUT) President Belinda Wilson and Minister of Financial Services, Trade and Industry T. Brent Symonette for traveling to Dominica, assessing the situation and remaining steadfast in the commitment to provide aid.

Cognizant of a historical fact that the late Dame Mary Eugenia Charles, who served as the second Prime Minister of Dominica from 1980 to 1995 was very supportive of the late Prime Minister of The Bahamas Sir Lynden O. Pindling and the successful, progressive development of the nation, Dr. Roopi once again urged all Bahamians to be their Dominicans brother’s and sister’s keeper.

“The B.A.D.D concept has been presented and is growing in support not only from Bahamian natives but others from around the world inclusive of my daughter Adama, who lives in Atlanta, Georgia and her family is interested in not only giving aid by traveling to Dominica too.

“With so much support being rendered, I am hoping that this coming Tuesday, October 10, 2017 when I am scheduled to be a guest speaker at Jubilee Cathedral Men’s Ministry, I would be able to host an impromptu concert similar to that of the late Michael Jackson’s ‘We are the World Concert.’

“During that time I would not give a speech but instead have the Cooling Waters, Simeon Outten and the New Life Band, Jay Mitchell and Scooby Rolle perform at what I am dubbing as the “Good News Concert,” which will raise funds for Dominica.
“We will be celebrating us with we (All of we are one) and I believe it is unfortunate that a spirit of xenophobia has crept in the hearts of some Bahamians but we are far better off than many countries in the southern Caribbean and we should come together and help.

“Our Prime, Minister Dr. Minnis has taken the lead and I believe we all must, because we never know when our time of need would come,” declared Dr. Roopi.

The Grand Bahama community in its entirety is invited to support B.A.D.D and the proposed Good News Concert in aid of Dominica by Dr. Roopi on Tuesday, October 10 beginning 7:00 p.m. and for more information contact 352-2222.

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