Local fitness center donates to Maurice Moore’s snack program

Kaela Nesbitt (left) and Orick Nesbitt (right) presented the Maurice Moore Feed the Children Snack Program with a donation on behalf of Nesbitt Fitness. Dedre Ewing (center)

The “Feed the Children Program” is an initiative headed by Senior Mistress of Maurice Moore Primary School, Dedre Ewing.


Ewing began the program back in 2013 as a teacher at the school, to provide snacks to less fortunate students. Since the program began, a number of sponsors have come on-board - some silent and some public - to assist the ongoing program. 


Now, one fitness center has stepped up to lend a helping hand to the charitable cause. Nesbitt’s Fitness made an appearance at Maurice Moore last week Friday, to physically meet with the kids and present their donation to Ewing.


Proprietor of the fitness center, Orick Nesbitt, voiced that the welcome from the students was a warm one. 


He added that a cause such as this ties into one of the objectives of the Circle Mall located business.


“We heard about the Feed the Children Program and we wanted to come out and donate toward that, because what we do as well is try to feed the nation as best as we can in what we like to offer in health and fitness, “ he said, “So we’re tying that in. So we came out here today, we had a very warm welcome with all the kids and Senior Mistress Mrs. Ewing.”


Along with his daughter Akaela Nesbitt and sister Shantel Nesbitt, they all enjoyed meeting the kids and taking a few photos with them. Seeing the kids was also inspirational.


“That’s the motivation,” Orick furthered, “It makes you want to do more. So we want to then post this and spread this so then they can get even more and more support with this program that she started.


“And we definitely want to always feed anything that’s going to benefit and enhance the development of kids because the kids can then become our new leaders. So we always want to make sure develop them in the best way we can.”


Ewing appreciated the Nesbitts for stopping by. She also expressed that in their generosity it showed the awareness is out there.


“I appreciate Nesbitts for coming, because now the awareness is out there and more and more persons would see the need for assisting in feeding the children.”


Ewing made it known that the government does provide lunch for all the children that need lunch. 


She explained what motivated her to begin the program back in 2013 as a teacher.


“I saw the need of children coming to school and not bringing snacks. And ever since then, from 2013 to present, we still have the snack program going and more and more persons are assisting with it.”


The Senior Mistress noted as well that other donations were made to the school as a result.


“It also expanded to donations of uniforms, donations of school supplies, donations of items to take home. So the program is really expanding because of all the publicity that we’re getting.”


The program runs twice a week, Tuesday and Thursday, but Ewing added that her goal is to have the children receive snacks every day of the week.


Published  Friday, March 10, 2017 


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