Local business celebrates anniversary with fun, run, walk

JAGS International Services hosted a fun, run, walk for its fifth anniversary celebrations on Saturday, April 1.  


President of JAGS, James Turner, spoke about the event. “Today we invited a few and our customers and some friends came by, and this morning we did a short walk-a-thon. We walked up Coral Road to the Lucayan roundabout, made a u-turn and came back to the office,” he said.


Turner added that afterwards participants were treated to a light breakfast of souse and other foods.  


He noted that it was important to organize this event, because the community needs to know that JAGS supports them, especially in such difficult economic times.  


Turner admitted that their customers have been good to them. “When we started we told them that we will not charge any booking fees, no agency fees, cash or credit is all the same. Today, we will make the only business travel group that does that,” he maintained.


Bridgette Farrington of Prestigious Marketing Enterprises brought her husband and children along with her to participate in the walk.  


“It was wonderful to be out this morning with JAGS, as they put on their walk-a-thon,” she said. 


She added that JAGS is very supportive of the local community, and because of that she and her family were happy to participate. 


“They are doing tremendous work in the community and we appreciate their support,” she noted. 


Turner took the opportunity to thank their customers and the community for their continued support.


Published  Tuesday, April 11, 2017 

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